Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Banana, Chocolate, Cheese & Condensed Milk Pratha Pizza - Pizza PisCoKe

Pratha Pizza Banana, Chocolate, Cheese & Condensed Milk (Pizza PisCoKe)
There's one Indonesian flavor combo that I haven't seen in Hong Kong so far.
It's PisCoKe, aka. Pisang (Banana), Coklat (Chocolate), Keju (Cheese).
That's right.
Banana, Chocolate and Cheese, all in one.
This combo is typically used as a filling for buns or spring rolls; on top of toasts; or as a dessert on its own (grilled banana topped with chocolate and cheese).

Since I can't make no buns...I thought, why not make a sweet pizza?
However, the last time I checked, I can't make my own pizza crust too.
So let's cheat again and use frozen roti pratha as a base.
Pratha Pizza Banana, Chocolate, Cheese & Condensed Milk (Pizza PisCoKe)
- 1 x frozen roti pratha
- 1/2 super ripe emperor banana or 1 mini banana, sliced and caramelize in a pan with a bit of butter and lots of sugar
- chocolate jimmies
- grated cheddar cheese
- sweet condensed milk
- butter, sugar

Preheat oven to 180C/350F. Place frozen roti pratha in a lightly buttered pan, bake for a few minutes until fluffy, take it out, butter the top, add chocolate jimmies, caramelized bananas, drizzle with condensed milk, bake again for a few minutes until the chocolate jimmies get softened (they won't fully melt). Take it out, add generous amount of grated cheddar cheese, drizzle with condensed milk, serve hot.

Pratha Pizza Banana, Chocolate, Cheese & Condensed Milk (Pizza PisCoKe)
Fold it, cut it, bite it, have it the way you want it.
You can top this with some ice cream, peanut butter, crushed toasted peanuts/almonds etc, but trust me, it is already very sinful as it is :)


grub said...

crazy combo! but i like! :D

daphne said...

sooo sinful but oh looks soo good! Crisp pastry, banana, chocolate and CHEESE?! What an awesome combi!!!

zenchef said...

Oh my gosh, this is so evil!! And i say that in a calorific kind of way. My belly grew 3 inches just from looking at the pictures. Bad RIta, Baaad! :)

sydneylyn said...

it looks very yummy!!! :) what does it taste like??? too bad we don't have pre-made roti pratha :|

Joanne said...

You are trying to tempt me off this diet. I know it. This looks amazing.

Little Corner of Mine said...

This is like a sweet dessert! Like how you used the roti pratha as a base.

Wulinarian said...

Looks pretty! I've never liked banana with cheese combo, but do love banana and chocolate. You make me hungry....................

tigerfish said...

Are you sure the pratha base can hold up to the toppings? But I am sure we can hold up to these lovelies...we just eat it like a cake. Where is the candle?

Mom's the little one said...

Ritaaaaaaaaaa.. apa kabar ? aduh..ini pisang pizza bikin lapar.. :D

Shanks said...

Interesting combo - does cheddar cheese work flavourwise?

babe_kl said...

whoever who have thot of using pratha based as pizza is a brilliant person indee! so versatile!

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

Oh, this has its own genius!!! OK, let me memorize: banana, chocolate, cheese (plus additional condensed milk if I so wish). Genius.

Jackie said...

Wow, this combination scares me a little, but I'm going to take your word for it that it's tasty, because I trust you like that... :P

Jax x

Cynthia said...

You are so amazingly creative!