Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lovely Sunday Lunch at Isola, IFC, Central, Hong Kong

Lunch at Isola
I am a huge fan of all-you-can-eat meals.
You can totally see it from my (super) size ^_^'
...and also the way I grabbed anything and everything and pile 'em up on my plate ala the above photograph.

The goodies are from Isola's antipasto buffet, mostly delicious.

Here's the bread basket, which wasn't served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar automatically (you have to ask for it).
Lunch at Isola
Not bad, but nothing extraordinary.

Second batch of goodies from the antipasto buffet...
Lunch at Isola

...and here's my favorite from the spread, the ox tongue.
Lunch at Isola
Tender and super flavorful.

The main courses get served once you've finished with your appetizer. But if you're like me (keep hovering around the buffet line), you could request for your main course to be served as you continue to have your appetizer.
Lunch at Isola
The steak's tender, juicy and flavorful. Yummy!

I don't normally order pasta as a side dish, but I have a certain weakness for tagliatelle, and this one is delicious!
Lunch at Isola
Perfectly cooked pasta + tasty ragout meat sauce = winner!

...I went crazy at the dessert station.
Lunch at Isola
Most exceeded my (reasonably low?) expectations. My favorites were the chocolate tart and chocolate eclair.

If I told you that I don't like chocolate, would you believe me?
Good. You shouldn't ^_^

Consume the sweets with a cup of good coffee...
Lunch at Isola
...what a great Sunday!

The lunch costs HK$298 + service charge per person, includes bread basket, antipasto buffet or salad or soup, main course, dessert buffet, plus coffee or tea...and it's worth it.

Isola Bar and Grill
Shop 3071-3075, 3/F & Shop 4011, 4/F, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2383 8765/ +852 2383 8611


Mrs Ergül said...

Wow! What a spread! I will have a ball at this buffet too if I were there! I, too have a weakness for tagliatelle! And the best I have had must be the fresh homemade ones my friend did. Oh yum yum!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yummy!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't associate you with the term 'big' in anyway! You're a petite and cute little lady :D

This place looks better than I'd expected, might need to give it a try soon! Or Angelini's, I've never been to there for some reason.

The $7xx brunch buffet I had at Nicholini's wasn't very good! GOLD was ok in comparison, rather than exceptional. :S

Joanne said...

Major buffet love right here! I love being able to choose little bits and pieces of things that I want to eat. And going back for seconds. that's the best part.

lena said...

that's a delicious spreead of food and those tarts and eclairs looks cute.

Sarah said...

This sounds really enjoyable, I might have to take my hubby there. Thanks. :)