Tuesday, January 18, 2011

(Crappy) Phone Food Photography

Dinner at Tom & Jen's
I thought it's the photographer, not the camera that makes good photographs.
Obviously, I thought a little bit too highly of myself ^_^'

So, when I went to this fantastic food-bloggers-slash-good-funny-and-nice-people dinner, hosted by Hong Kong's fabbest (is that a word?) couple, Tom & Jen, sans any of my camera, I thought I'd still be able to do Jen's delicious food some justice with my humble ol' iPhone 3Gs.

I couldn't be more wrong.

I got a little cocky, thinking...oh, I'll do a tutorial post on how to take delish looking food photos just using iPhone.

Yah, yah, that didn't go so well. The pics I took were so crappy, no amount of editing could salvage them.

So here we go, I'll just share.
So, while looking at these pics, please bear in mind that the food was actually 1,387,934.487.5 times more delicious than it looks here.

Japanese beverages brought by lovely e*ting
Dinner at Tom & Jen's
Jap apple juice!

Japanese kiddy beers...and gastronomous anonymous was taking their pictures using her iPhone4 (better than mine!)
Dinner at Tom & Jen's

Dinner at Tom & Jen's
They look so cute! I just had to hipstamatic them! They taste like....sweet soda ;)

Chinese preserved plum brought by @lapetitcreme
Dinner at Tom & Jen's

Jen's yumminesses...
Dinner at Tom & Jen's

Dinner at Tom & Jen's
Oh yum!

Dinner at Tom & Jen's
Roast chicken, yum! Mexican rice and black beans, yum yum! Corn with chipotle sauce and scallion, yum yum yum!

Thanks again for a smashing night, T&J!

PS. These crappy pictures were taken using iPhone3Gs, mostly with hipstamatic app, desperately photoshopped :)

PPS. How could I forget a fellow iPhone 3Gs photo taker, you know the Jason!
Tom & Jen's Dinner


Unknown said...

Tell me about Mobile photos : ) Most of my past photos were taken with my Nokia N95, which does a decent enough job even under low lighting, kind of like my Canon S95 now. But I upgraded to the N8 in Nov and the photos are way worst under low light conditions and macro mode! Who would have thought!

BTW, I might buy my new cam today!

And very Nice food by Jen! : )

aki! said...

It looks good. I'm thinking I should photoshop my pictures more...

Joanne said...

I don't even know how to take photos with my phone so you are one step ahead of me! Food looks delicious nonetheless.

Christine Wu said...

It kinda look good. With its soft hazy lighting?

Jackie at Phamfatale.com said...

ACtually you can take gorgeous photos using the new iphone 4G, depending on the lighting. The iphone 3G makes the photos a little hazy...

noobcook said...

hehe not so bad - there's a film grainy, vintage look to the photos :p

EatTravelEat said...

iPhone's lens isn't that great in low light...but I do like the grainy effect/look!

Heh, it's funny how my last post was also pictures from iPhone. :)

TomEats said...

Fab - far too nice. Though it was my favourite ice cream as a kid in England!

I didn't know you were blogging this! My roommate just turned to me and said that the meal I had looked nice and I was like?A?!?!?!