Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girls Love Roses - Rose Latte from Caffe Habitu, Hong Kong

Let me reiterate the following...
I am not a coffee expert.
...nor I am an expert in anything.
Rose Latte from Caffe Habitu
But as an ordinary girly girl...
Whenever I see something with pink flowers, I'd order it.
I can't help myself.

Despite numerous disappointments of trying something with the word "rose", I keep getting attracted to it.
You know my self control, it's nonexistent!

So, when I saw that Caffe Habitu serves rose latte, rose milk tea, rose cake, rose etc, you bet your ass I was gonna try them. This time, I gave the rose latte a try, and boy oh boy, I was so pleasantly surprised.

The scent of rose is super fragrant, it's perfect with the flavors of rosy sweet milky coffee, not to mention that it looks so damn pretty.
I don't care what is it made of. Rose extract? Rose syrup? Rose water?
I just know that I love it.
That's how bad I am at food reviewing ^_^'

SC ordered mixed berries habbiccino...
Mixed Berries Habbiccino from Caffe Habitu
...and we love it too.
Fragrant, refreshing, not too sweet and not too tart. Just right.

While we were enjoying our drinks, we kept hearing girls ordering endless cups of rose latte.
Caffe Habitu, how clever of you!

Boys, do you like flowery drinks too? Would they be your choice from the menu? Or you'd prefer something uber manly, such as..AXE dishwashing soap or something? Heheheh

Caffe Habitu
Shop 1001, Elements, 1 Austin Road West
Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2196 8466


Joanne said...

Flower-flavored things always run the risk of tasting like perfume to me. But I do so want to love them always!

Little Corner of Mine said...

It's a great idea for them to target and created a latte for their female customers. :D

The Glamorous Gourmet said...

Wow - that rose latte is beautiful! I am with you, I'd order anything that sounded that good too:) Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for sharing! said...

I love roses too =)

Hi from Sweden!

Crystal said...

Why does Asia have to have all the cool things?? I want to try a rose latte!!

Mims said...

Oh My! I gotta try this when I'm going back to Hk this year....and thankfully its in TST area!..How much is each cup? and the range of their drinks?

Unknown said...

You can browse their beverages menu here:


Mims said...

Thank you for the site! I can't wait to try it out!

Christina said...

While traveling to visit my husband's family in Stark County, Ohio he introduced me to a place called Muggswigz. They also had a rose latte that of course I ordered and it was the most fantastic latte I've ever had! They also had a lavender and vanilla latte that was excellent. I live in California and can NOT find a place like that anywhere around here!