Sunday, June 27, 2010

La Parole, A Gem in Tsing Yi

La Parole
We were so pleasantly surprised to find this little gem in Tsing Yi.
Fully prepare to dine in Spaghetti House, we were glad we changed our mind and went for this place instead. I didn't make a booking, so we didn't get a table by the window overlooking the waterfront, or one of those pretty little booth, which would be absolutely romantic for special occasions.

There were two kinds of set dinners, and as always, I ordered the one which offers more food ;)
La Parole
The meal started with grapefruit chicken salad. I wish there was more grapefruit, but the whole flavor combo was decent, the few slices of onion and the smokiness of the sauce gave the dish a nice touch.

La Parole
The bread basket was a little disappointing, the herbs were a little overpowering and the plain one was a little soft-and-soft. Some good ol' crusty bread would've been better.

La Parole
The beef goulash was decent, but for Hong Kong char-chan-teng-eating market, whose palate is used to strong flavors of lo sung tong (HK local cafe's version of red beef & veggie soup), the soup needs much stronger flavors.

La Parole
The wild mushroom cream soup was nice and creamy, it could use a little bit more seasoning and a tad stronger mushroom flavors. Not the best mushroom soup I've ever had, but again, decent.

La Parole
The pan fried Rougie AAA foie gras with red wine pear was absolutely fantastic! The flavors were absolutely lovely. The rich and creamy foie gras, beautifully cooked pear, rich sauce with a touch of sea salt which created the perfect balance.

La Parole
The grilled parma ham salmon with herb oil was again fantastic. I didn't get the parma ham part, but other than that, it was a nice dish. Perfectly cooked salmon, gentle flavors of the herb oil, tiny bits of chopped fresh tomatoes and the extra crunch from the chips. Gorgeous!

Now, the mains..
La Parole
The grilled American Angus prime rib eye with Egyptian sea salt. Looks absolutely beautiful...was it good?

La Parole
The meat was cooked correctly, a nice medium, flavorful, tasted fantastic with the grains of Egyptian sea salt. The bits of vegetables added the much needed refreshing touch for summer, but I wish there was some kind of sauce I could mop my fries with. Ahem ;)

La Parole
The asparagus, scallops triangoloni with truffle and porcini, it was love at first bite. Succulent scallops, beautifully cooked, with delicious stuffed triangoloni...bits of of asparagus, and creamy, delicious sauce. However, I felt that this dish is way too rich for summer. It gives you a nice kick-in-the-stomach richness, but you'd feel knocked out after a few bites. A lighter version for summer would be nice.

La Parole
Say hello to the perfect summer dessert. Strawberry panna cotta with sorbet. Everything's refreshing and citrusy, served with bits of sweetness here and there to create balance. A glorious ending.

La Parole
I know that this is not a perfect summer drink, but we couldn't help ordering the Leonidas hot chocolate when it's offered with the set. Generous serving, deliciously chocolatey.

How much did the set cost?
HK$258 per person (+10% service charge), very good deal!
We left feeling absolutely satisfied, ready to empty our wallet in the mall :)
If you happen to be in the area, it's worth trying. Don't forget to make a reservation, it was a full house!

La Parole
Shop G02A, G/F, Maritime Square
33 Tsing King Road,
Tsing Yi
Tel: +852 2436 4099


Wulinarian said...

Wait, what? You ate a medium cooked steak while pregnant? I mean, I thought we can't do that. With both pregnancies my ob/gyn has to constantly remind me to eat fully cooked food, meat cannot be "red". Don't get this wrong, I just feel slightly cheated by my ob/gyn hehe. So please tell me if it's really ok, cos I'm sick of eating fully cooked food that actually turns out so dry!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Everything turned out looking great, down to the glass of hot chocolate. Surely a satisfying meal.

Joanne said...

Oh my god, this whole meal looks absolutely fantastic! I'm swooning.

noobcook said...

arghh so hungry looking at the feast, esp the red juicy steak :p

Jo said...

Oh wow, every dish looks as good as the next. In fact it gets better and better. Love the pictures and they are certainly making me drool.

pigpigscorner said...

Everything looks great! esp that huge piece of foie gras! yum yum

Jeremy said...

Can i borrow your photo to my blog ^^" that so great ???

Big Boys Oven said...

this is awesome, something I would love to dine! :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Thanks for your commments y'all~ :)

@Wulinarian Oppps! I guess I'll have to order medium well/welldonecrispydrytough from now on? T_T cannot be red? how about pink?

@Jeremy yes you can borrow as long as you credit and link to this post ;)