Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corned Beef & Jalapeno Fried Rice

Corned Beef Jalapeno Fried Rice
I grew up eating canned corned beef.
Fried with eggs, fried and served with potatoes, instant noodles, or (of course) rice.
It's the perfect non-porky alternative to luncheon meat/spam (another unhealthy processed meat product I absolutely love ^_^').

In Hong Kong, not surprisingly, canned corned beef isn't as popular as its porky cousin, luncheon meat.
It does get served in local cafes in the form of sandwiches or sometimes as savoury crepe filling...but I hardly see it used any other way.

Since I had half a small can leftover corned beef from the savoury bread pudding, I decided to make...fried rice :)

Super quick and easy for weekday dinners.
Corned Beef Jalapeno Fried Rice
- half a small can of corned beef (or more)
- 2 chicken franks, sliced (if I had a full can of corned beef, I don't think I needed the chicken franks)
- 1 cup rice, cooked, refrigerated overnight (I used a mix of white and brown rice, the brown rice has wonderful chewy texture, perfect for making fried rice)
- half yellow/red bell pepper, diced (for sweetness and the color looks pretty)
- 10 pieces of jalapeno from a jar (I used El Paso brand), diced (adjust if you find it too hot or not hot enough)
- olive oil, butter, salt, white pepper, Worcestershire sauce

Brown corned beef and sliced chicken franks with a bit of olive oil, add diced bell pepper, add a bit of butter, add rice, season with salt, pepper, a dash of worcestershire sauce and mix well, add diced jalapeno only at the end, mix well, serve hot.

Quick, easy, savoury, with a touch of sweetness from the peppers and a bit of tang from the jalapeno.

Now SC knows that corned beef can be used elsewhere other than in between two slices of bread ^_*


busygran said...

This looks good and I can get a whiff of the ever-so-good-and-delectable cornbeef.

tigerfish said...

You have been eating a lot of corned beef. In the contrary, I am quite a stranger to corned beef. The best corned beef with egg sandwich I have tried was in Hong Kong! :P

pigpigscorner said...

I grew up eating luncheon meat, so I'm not a huge fan of canned corned beef. But my husband loves it!

Joanne said...

You're not going to believe this but I've never had corned beef! This fried rice looks fantastic though. Need to try it.

YaYa said...

I make corned beef fried rice all the time, love it! Also love corned beef sandwiches with mayo and lots of white pepper but that's just me!

Dori said...

That makes canned beef look delicious :)

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

I've never tried corned beef with instant noodles! And I'm not too big a fan of corned beef with bread. It must be fried with lots of onio0ns and eaten with rice for me! =D

Big Boys Oven said...

I can already smell those cornef beef glaced over the wok and the juicy jalapenos make the rice tast even better! fabulous, i need my wine to go with it too!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy, I like the spicy kick in the fried rice.