Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three Egg Fried Rice 三色蛋炒飯

Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice
What are the three types of egg in this fried rice? Normal, salted and century (thousand year) egg. I loved the idea the moment SC threw it at me. Why haven't I thought of this before? We went to the market to buy our eggs.
琴日放假冇乜野做, 見有好多食剩飯, SC就好creative咁Google有乜炒飯可以整啦. 揾吓揾吓揾到個三色蛋炒飯, 個名好似好有霸氣, 就試啦. 三色蛋包括, 皮蛋, 咸蛋, 同雞蛋.

Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice
You must've recognized the regular chicken egg, the black one's the salted egg, and the grainy one is the century/thousand year old egg.
中國人應該好熟三種蛋, 黑色隻係咸蛋, 外面有一粒粒隻係皮蛋, 肉色個隻唔使講, 大家都知係雞啦

They were cleaned and then boiled for about 10 minutes, starting from cold water to prevent from cracking.
清理好D黑色同一粒粒野, 就洗乾淨佢地, 放入室溫水煲10分鐘
Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice

They yolks look like this.
三個蛋黃都唔同架, 好得意
Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice

SC pointed out to me that before plastic bags were widely used in Hong Kong, sprigs of scallions from the wet market used to be tied up this way...
榮幸地今日去街市買䓤, 佢地冇比膠袋而比個好懷舊既咸水草我, 真環保

Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice

What else went into the fried rice apart from the three eggs?
除左蛋, 仲要蝦米, 䓤
Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice
We added dried shrimps and scallion.

Three Eggs (Normal, Salted & Century Egg) Fried Rice
(serves 4)
Adapted from here
- 2 eggs (1 boiled, 1 beaten and seasoned, to be scrambled later)
- 1 salted egg, boiled
- 1 century/thousand year egg, boiled
- 3 sprigs of scallion, thinly chopped
- a handful of dried shrimps, soaked in water until softened, roughly chopped
- 4 servings of leftover rice
- vegetable oil, salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, chicken powder (optional)

- 兩隻蛋, 一隻烚熟, 一隻打散佢調味, 炒做蛋花
- 1 隻咸蛋, 烚熟
- 1 隻皮蛋, 烚熟
- 3 條䓤, 切碎
- 1 手咁多既蝦米, 用水浸軟(大概要浸2 個鐘), 切細佢
- 四人量既剩飯
- 油, 鹽, 胡椒, 糖, 魚露, 雞粉(自選)

Roughly chop the boiled three eggs, set aside. Saute dried shrimp chunks in hot oil, add scallion, add egg chunks, add rice, mix well, add beaten egg, scrambled, mix everything well, season with salt, pepper, sugar, chicken powder and fish sauce, serve hot.
將D蛋切粒, 備用. 炒香D蝦米同䓤, 加飯, 攪均, 加蛋, 攪均, 用油, 鹽, 胡椒, 糖, 魚露, 雞粉調味

Hmmm...eggy! :)


daphne said...

what a great idea to use all 3 kinds of eggs.. can even add quail eggs to make it 4 types! But then it wont sound as nice (since i am cantonese too!)

daphne said...

what a great idea to use all 3 kinds of eggs.. can even add quail eggs to make it 4 types! But then it wont sound as nice (since i am cantonese too!)

Yeri said...

Mmmm delicious! I shouldn't have looked at your blog first thing this morning. I'm hungry!!!

Joanne said...

Whoa! Awesome concept! I wish I could find those three egg types here!

Mica ^—* said...

i'm definitely gonna try this out, i'm a fried rice girl! ^_^

Angela said...

What a cook recipe. I have only ever had the regular egg. I would love to try to the other two.

tigerfish said...

Usually they prepare this dish 三色蛋 with amaranth vegetables...and I love them so much. I bet this fried rice is super delicious!

Cuisine Paradise said...

Beautiful!!! I am sure these 3 eggs whipped together will gives a fantastic outcome :) Droool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this fried rice dish looks superb and so yummy! need to try it out myself one day =)

pigpigscorner said...

Never thought of that! Great idea!

mochaccinoland said...

Mmm… century eggs are already cooked, no need to boil them ;)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummilicious! I know this came out to be delicious already by the combination.

Alice said...

I want! I want!
looks so so so yummy!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen a black egg before! That's so cool! How does the taste differ between the three eggs?

Cooking Gallery said...

What a genius idea! I happen to have all three types of egg in my fridge :). Anyhow, I've not used my 1000-year-old eggs yet, because I've noticed that the one I peeled has something like 'roots' growing in the jelly-like egg. Is this normal? I've never cooked anything with century eggs yet, that's why I am totally clueless...! Thanks in advance for your response :).

aki! said...

I can definitely do this dish. Bookmarked!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@CG, I haven't seen any root like thing in century eggs. In this case, I'd suggest buying a "new" century egg? :D Not helpful, aren't I?

teenagefoodie said...

awesome idea!! only problem is salted and century eggs are really expensive here, but I shall try this anyways. Have you tried making diced salted and century egg in steamed egg? Like chawanmushi. It goes really well with rice =]

Velops said...

@CG: What you are describing is normal. It doesn't happen all of the time but it is perfectly safe to eat. Some describe it as pine branches, hence the alternate Chinese name "pine-patterned egg".

Life for Beginners said...

I've tried all three eggs when making congee but I've never thought of using it for fried rice... A fantastic idea!

The pics of the 3 egg fried rice are making my tummy growl though... Oh dear. Time for brunch! :P

Aimei said...