Friday, May 6, 2011

Ham & Cheese Chicken Roulade FAIL 失敗的芝士火腿雞肉卷

Chicken, Ham & Cheese Roulade FAIL
Look it in the eye.
The face of (another) failure.

One day, I saw Athena's ham and cheese chicken roulade, I love the idea and decided that I was going to make it.
有日我見到Athena整芝士火腿雞肉卷, 見佢整得咁靚, 我就試吓啦

Chicken, Ham & Cheese Roulade FAIL
I am very bad at following recipes, I pretty much just looked at the pictures briefly and I was convinced that I could do it. I was wrong.
其實我唔係好識睇食譜, 多數都係睇住張相就黎整..

I used a slice of ham and a slice of cheese for half a chicken thigh, so I didn't have enough chicken to cover the filling, I couldn't seal the chicken properly and the cheese leaked all over the place...
Chicken, Ham & Cheese Roulade FAIL
Yikes! Taste-wise, it was delicious, since I seasoned the chicken really generously, and the skin turned nicely golden. Anyway, I will try again, I will succeed, and I will post the recipe.
可惜, D埳溜晒出黎, 雖然唔好睇, 但係食起上黎又好好食喎!

What a determination. Atta girl.

Have a delicious weekend la!


pickyin @ LifeIsGreat said...

How is it you use half a chicken thigh? The other half leh? The failure looks delicious, I wouldn't have cared.

daphne said...

heheh use the cheese as a dipping sauce instead! ;) hey, it still looks great and I would love to have a stick of chicken and ham with cheese dipping sauce please!

pigpigscorner said...

Still looks pretty delicious to me!

Little Corner of Mine said...

As long as it's delicious and not meant for a dinner party, then it's good.

Joanne said...

My mom has never made a chicken roulade that actually stuck together so don't feel bad! Still looks delicious!

Cooking Gallery said...

Sometimes looks is not everything, who cares as long as it's tasty, especially after a day of hard work, I would gobble up everything ;)!

The Glamorous Gourmet said...

Still looks delicious! Love Daphne's idea of using the cheese for a dipping sauce - perfect:)

Crystal said...

I wouldn't have known it was a failure... looks tasty to me!

tigerfish said...

I do try certain dishes after "looking" at them too but don't always succeed. :O

SilentChaos said...

Maybe wrap it in foil to cook it and then un-warp it to brown? That's what I could too, sort of oven poach it in a log and then browning it after it's done.