Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dining Out with A Baby 同傲B去食(望)好野

This isn't a "how to" post, I have no tips on how to dine out with a baby in peace. I am just sharing our recent dining experience.
相信大家有小朋友都知同小朋友出街食飯有幾唔容易, 由其係頑皮嘅BB..

It was a Sunday brunch at Wooloomooloo Elements, we brought our 8 months old, super naughty, super active, and rather cranky baby Marcus.
星期日, 我地同一個8個月大, 超級頑皮, 超級好動同成日攪攪震嘅BB去左圓方食Wooloomooloo
Dining with A Baby
All sharp utensils weren't arranged elegantly, they were piled up in a corner, out of baby's reach.

Dining with A Baby
So did hot liquid stuff like lobster bisque...which was decent...
龍蝦湯哩D危險野當然要攞走.., 我覺得幾好飲的

Dining with A Baby
...and get that hot cup of coffee out of the way too...since babies do this.

Dining with A Baby

One of us have to hold him all the time, since he climbs, touches, licks, and chews absolutely everything, as well as squirms and twist like a little worm :D
No, he won't sit quietly in a baby chair and adorably babbling "I love papa mama" with a smile.
Forget it :D
This is how we ate our brunch...
我地其中一個一定要抱住佢, 因為佢又爬, 又咬, 又拉, 又舔, 又好似條蟲咁彈黎彈去..

Dining with A Baby
Dishes get cut up by one parent, and get shoved into the mouth of whichever parent was holding the baby :)
D野食要全切細, 得閑個個就喂今一個食..因為兩隻手都要抱抱個頑皮BB, 傲B..


tigerfish said...

Oh yes, I have seen this with my friend's bb too. Usually the wife and hb take turns to eat even when the kid is 3+ yrs old currently. Long way to go before a peaceful meal...:O

Michelle said...

I have a very active 23 months old too but I have been "training" her since she could sit to sit in her chair during meal times until we adults are done.

I normally use this:

But when I was in HK, I used this purchased from Toys r US @ Harbour City and it was FANTASTIC! I do disinfect the chair first :)

It may not give you an entirely peaceful meal 'cos you still have eat quickly and still has to give food to baby and/or attention but at least your hands are free.

Hope this helps :)

shellie said...

hahhaahhaa....isnt it grande? My husband doesnt even like to go out unless someone watches the children. Wait til he starts walking and escapes and does the high pitched scream of madness because he is being restrained. We recently had an incident like this with my 4 year old who is usually very good. Needless to say we left.

Joanne said...

It sounds like an athletic event or obstacle course...EXTREME EATING.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hahaha... Definitely not easy dining out with baby.

Alice said...

haha Rita...u're so cute! so does baby Marcus :)

Cooking Gallery said...

Oh dear...Seems to be a lot of work...! I think I really should try to enjoy the childless period of my life as good as I can ;).

Chris said...

Been there and done that! We'd never be going to a fancy place like that! I remember going to Pizz Hut and feeding the kid the crust! I do believe one has to eat out so the kid learns to behave in a public restaurant. It is not easy! Bring some toys, let them handle the plastic menus, and let them play and eat ice chips( can't choke on ice chips!).

Life for Beginners said...

It's never easy dining out with kids, especially the younger ones. I usually just pray very hard and be patient.

(In the case of my sister's three kids, my patience won in the end... after a few years, that is, cos they are teenagers now, haha.)

Anonymous said...

hmmm mine screams at the sight of food when we go out to eat, as in, me want!!! give me food!!! been doing that since 6 months and at almost 9 months, is an old pro ( eats green veggie, tofu, prefers french bread than mantou, loves noodles, likes fish, loves fruits and particularly lovesss ice cream and soft serve yogurt)
and yes, i know none of the above are actually food for babies, but try telling her that
and plus, prefers to self feed, thinks we're to slow or in danger of taking away her food, makes eating out very entertaining, thankfully she's cute enough that waitresses dote on her :)