Thursday, May 26, 2011

Premium D24 Durian Ice Cream 極上D24榴槤雪糕

Premium D24 Durian Ice Cream
Did I make my own ice cream again?

Heheheh. Don't count on it.
Before I get an ice cream maker, I don't think so. The idea of "churning" ice cream mixture with a hand mixer every 50 is not very appealing ^_^

My friend Ieie brought this Premium D24 Durian Ice Cream last weekend.
Premium D24 Durian Ice Cream
The fragrance (ahem!) sent my helper hiding in her room (She is one of those people who think that durian smells like shit. Opps. She needs some durian training), but for us, it is just not durianey enough. It's sweet and creamy, but not as good as a section of ripe, rich and fragrant durian flesh.
個榴槤飄香攪到工人姐姐要返房, 冇辦法, 佢覺得榴槤好似屎咁臭, 我地都幫佢唔到..但對我地黎講就係極品啦!!! 但係同真榴槤都仲未有得比..

We are just like durian lovers everywhere. We prefer the real deal to any durian products any day.
Don't you?
大家都鐘意食榴槤嗎? XD


shellie said...

love the spoons....never had a durian.I must admit the rumors of it frighten me but I would at least try it!

tigerfish said...

Oh I prefer the real stuff - chill it in the fridge then can "ice-cream"...buahahhaa

Joanne said...

Sigh, I've never even had durian! So want to try it!

babe_kl said...

wow where does this ice cream originated from?

SIG said...

Wow you have Chinese translation now!! :) I love durian yum!

Crystal said...

Are you unable to smell it the same way your helper does? I was in an Asian market one time and I could smell those from across the store!