Monday, December 20, 2010

Curry Chicken & Frozen Roti Pratha "Pot Pie"

Look at this...
Curry Chicken Instant Pratha "Pot Pie" it one of those tasty soup with buttery flaky puff pastry?
Is it a pot pie?
I'd think so too, but this isn't.

The flaky buttery top is made of frozen roti pratha and under it...curry chicken!
If you want to make something that looks impressively pretty, tastes absolutely delicious and extremely easy to make. This one's for you.
Curry Chicken Instant Pratha "Pot Pie"
- 1 frozen roti pratha (per serving/per pot) and a bit of butter
- 2 chicken leg fillet, remove skin, cut into bite size chunks
- 2 clove garlic, crushed
- 1 cm ginger, crushed
- 2 shallot, thinly sliced
- 1 lemongrass, sliced into 5cm long pieces
- a few kaffir lime leaves
- a cup coconut milk
- flour (optional), hot water, cooking oil, salt, pepper, sugar, ground corriander, cumin
or you can skip all of these spices and just cook the chicken chunks with your favorite curry paste, red, green, or yellow, and coconut milk.

Preheat oven to 200C. Saute aromatics in some hot oil, add chicken chunks until they're a bit browned, add spices and seasoning, add coconut milk, thicken with some flour to give your "pie filling" some volume if you wish, or skip it and let coconut milk do all the thickening. Pour curry chicken into an oven proof pot, place frozen roti pratha on top, brush with butter, bake until roti pratha is golden brown.

Grab a spoon, push the buttery and flaky frozen pratha into your thick and rich curry for maximum enjoyment.
Licking lips optional.


kangna said...

thts gr8 u love indian parathas!!!i tried out an indo chinese pasta 2dy,just mix cooked macaroni with chic manchurian gravy n voila!

Joanne said...

This looks ideal in every way. Ultimate comfort food.

Jagungmanis said...

wala... pie kabare aditya?
eh eh ki pratha kari ala2 zuppa soup yo..hihi
keren.. keren...

Anonymous said...

Creative dikau Rita...hehehhe

Lisa said...

That sounds wonderful! What a great idea, using paratha as the crust. Looks like you had a baking dish just the same size as the paratha—or did you do individual pot pies? In any case, yum.

Little Corner of Mine said...

How great! I totally love the idea of using roti pratha as the cover for pot pie. Lots of uses for roti pratha.

Cooking Gallery said...

This looks cool and very comforting at the same time! How's little Marcus :)?

tigerfish said...

Always love these nifty food ideas from you :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments :) glad you like the idea.

Lisa, I happen to have an oven proof bowl in similar size to the frozen pratha. Smallish ramekins or soup bowls would be nice too ;)

GracieMei said...

You are a genius Rita! Now I can make "pot pie" without running yo the nearest hyper mart to get the puff pastry. I totally love the idea.
Keep the creative juices flowing! :)

Su-Lin said...

What a fantastic use for frozen parathas!!

rasamalaysia said...

This is a great idea. I have a pack of frozen puff pastry which will work the same, will use it up this way as I always make curry chicken. :)