Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Casa Fina Seafood & Oyster Bar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Last night a couple of friends treated me to a nice dinner at Casa Fina. It's my super early birthday dinner. It's funny how I "moved" from celebrating my birthday from the Indonesian way (my treat, better to celebrate later than earlier) to the Hong Kong way (others' treat, better to celebrate earlier than later).

Here are the deliciousness we had to cheer me up.
After all, birthday means that I'm another year older and (in my case) many many pounds heavier.
Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Buy-one-get-one-free oysters, Namibia, Scottish Rock and French oysters. I especially love the French ones. Sweet, crunchy and fresh...the flavors transported me to a beautiful place by the sea....blablabla...gosh, stop it. This is not my style.

They're yummy.
OK. That sounds more like me.

As an appetizer, we ordered the calamari.
Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Perfectly cooked, tender calamari rings, the breading isn't the crispy type, but it's flavorful. The parmesan bits...what's not to love?...and we especially love the horseradish creamy dip. It made everything perfect.

Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The black truffle and wild cream of mushroom soup was delightful, tasty, creamy, and there are a couple slices of black truffle in it.

Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The lobster bisque didn't impress us. It's underseasoned and overly bitter. The soup was served with a side of nicely toasted, buttery bread.

Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The duck liver and wild mushroom linguini was as fantastic as it sounds. Rich and earthy flavors with perfectly cooked pasta. Sold!

Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The lamb could be a little more charred and it's a tiny bit undercooked. Other than that, it's decent and the portion is generous.

Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
The warm chocolate cake is nothing earth shattering, but it's more than adequate. Very chocolatey cake with warm chocolate liquid oozing out of the cake once you've digged into it. Too bad I didn't get the money shot ^_^'

Casa Fina, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
We were very impressed by the pumpkin ice cream. Very light, not too sweet, the pumpkin flavor was there...and it's served in a cute tiny pumpkin! How adorable! I wish the pumpkin wasn't as frozen so that we could dig into it and...consume it.

I'll totally go back to try their sea urchin spaghetti and pomelo sherbet.

The meal costs us just below HK$450 each with three glasses of wine.

Casa Fina Seafood & Oyster Bar
13/F, Henry House, 40-42 Yun Ping Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2504 2928


Indonesia Eats said...

Then, I'll say Happy Earlier Birthday! :)

Same here people tend to celebrate an early birthday.

Oystersss come to me

Joanne said...

Mmm that sounds like one mega delicious birthday dinner! The pumpkin ice cream is just too adorable!

deVina said...

Happy (early) birthday! Wishing you and your beloved all the happiness! ;)

Veny said...

Happy Earilier Birthday Rita !
wish you all the best !
enak banget makan2 mulu ... tp aku ga suka oyster n temen2nya itu dessert nya ajah yg kusuka . (payah ya aku ini) he222

A Box of Kitchen said...

Aaawww..happy pre-birthday! Wish all the happiness for you and your beloved ones:D

Mims said...

oh my! it looks so goood!!