Friday, November 27, 2009

Peking Duck Dinner at Cheung Kee, Wan Chai

We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving in Hong Kong, but yesterday's dinner certainly involves...
- Birds (a couple of them)
- and something extra special to be thankful for (our good friends, Athena & Joe, are expecting their first child! Yay!)

The cold appetizer platter of vegetarian rolls, smoked fish, jellyfish and pork meat. I was so excited about the fish, I quickly bit into them and was not pleasantly surprised with the many many many sharp fish bones. Beware!

The first bird, Shan Dong Chicken was excellent. Juicy, tasty chicken with even tastier sauce. I gnawed on the neck and any remnants my fellow diners didn't consume.

The spicy stir fried string beans (四季豆) was wonderful as expected. I love my veggie spicy.

The braised pork ribs...were out of this world fantastic! Sweet, sticky, tender, juicy!

...and the ultimate birdie of the night...the Peking duck, was rather disappointing. The meat was thin, dry, and the skin wasn't crispy. Absolute nono for a peking duck.

So I cleverly chose the bits with most fat :D slathered the duck, cucumber and chive with lots of hoisin sauce...

Folded and consumed. Noticed how I didn't fold the top? I placed more filling than what the wrap could handle.
As always.

The claypot wonton and vegetables in chicken broth.
Not too bad, but we all prefer the one from American Peking Restaurant.

Scrambled Egg white with Crab Meat. I am not into egg white, but the crab meat and a drizzle of vinegar made it all good. The restaurant won't deliver your orders based on the intensity of flavors, so you gotta eat in a sequence that you prefer. This dish tasted rather bland after all the tasty ducks and meat served earlier.

Stir fried snow pea shoots. Always love this nutty veggie, always look forward to it every winter.

For dessert, we were served this bowl of water and ice, and a tong. Whatever happened, don't drink it and don't dip your hands into it.

They were for this...

Apples and bananas deep fried in batter, dipped into sugar and crystalised in iced water.
Check out those tiny strands of sugar...couldn't help but released some ooohhh and ahhhh, even if we have seen it before.

...and the server will do this...

and you'll get these.
Some of my friends complained that they got soggy ones, but I snatched the one with most sugar, and it cracked wonderfully...

and led me to this soft banana....oh heavens!

I couldn't help but post this photograph.
I had a focusing light jealousy.
Why don't my Canon have this? T_T

To conclude, Cheung Kee isn't bad, but I'd still prefer American Peking Restaurant. Oppps.

Cheung Kee Restaurant
1/F, 75, Lockhart Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 25290707
Wanchai MTR, exit C

We spent about HK$170 per person for this meal.

Check out Athena's
post for this dinner (in Chinese).


Towz said...

Missing exploring Hong Kong for its food! Hope to get back there before to long. Meanwhile will just have to continue salivating vicariously through your posts!

daphne said...

my goodness, I miss peking duck-oh crispy skin!

KennyT said...

Where is your favourite Peking Duck place in HK?

pigpigscorner said...

Everything looks great! ooh ahh to the deep fried apples n bananas...

Nuttymeg said...

Oooh yummy! When can I come visit you?

Tovie said...

Oh, those caramel fried bananas are to die for! None of the restaurants around here make them anymore. I can make them but it's too much work for one person.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

american peking :D

tigerfish said...

Not so good? But it looks very good to me including that Scrambled Egg white with Crab Meat dish...oh I love this dish.

Anonymous said...

Ommgg reading this at 1am is so baddd soo hungrryyy! Prok ribs... shan dong chicken... peking duck... and wow I've never seen that dessert before. I want to try!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow girl, what a feast! I'm jealous!

Jason said...

I wish I had that to celebrate Thanksgiving!!!

Jo said...

The food looks absolutely delicious and I'm missing HK already. I particularly love, love the peking duck dish. Yummy!

Luscious Temptations said...

I'm can't stop drooling over your meal! I haven't had Peking duck in years. It will definitely be my order the next time I'm in Chinatown. Those ribs look SO good too.