Monday, November 2, 2009

Black Pepper Burger & Chocolate Pie from McD plus Sham Shui Po Cute Prop Sightings

Psssst. I love junk food.
Go on, judge me...I love McDonald's, KFC, Jollibee, and all kinds of junk some people do not consider as food. Yum, yum, yum!
I especially lovee it when McDonald's having seasonal stuff like this black pepper burger.
You can choose between double black pepper burger, or a quadruple one with four slices of meat!!!
Isn't that a suicide on a plate? Wouldn't you love to devour it?
As much as I love junk food, I still want to live quite a while longer to be able to enjoy more of them :p
So I opted for double black pepper burger, not the towering quadruple.
Two slices of juicy grilled meat with tasty black pepper sauce, topped with a bit of chopped onion, in between soft buns. Yum!
I'll just eat lots of veggie and white meat for dinner later to compensate.

They also offer chocolate pie.

Flaky chocolate pastry crust...

With soft chocolate filling.
Not too bad, the crust is really flaky, not too sweet, but overall? Not chocolatey enough for me.
Are they available in your area? Show me what's available there please ^_^

The best way to burn all those evil calories?

Go shopping! I spotted this delightful stall full of gorgeous Chinese goodies in the flea market.

So so so hard to resist...but I successfully did.

Pssst. I already have most of them, unused, in my overflowing cupboard.
So much for being good at resisting temptations.


YaYa said...

Why does HK get all the GOOD stuff? Do you think we'll eventually get the pepper sauce burgers in Sydney? We've got the super priced Angus and Grand Angus at the moment - premium beef burgers with raw onion rings.

Jo said...

I miss eating that black pepper burger and wish they would bring it back to Singapore.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wish we can have the black pepper burger and chocolate pie in US too.

KennyT said...

Unfortunately, this time, the McPepper is made with beef!

Ann said...

how come we dont have that stuff here? LOL.. wish i was at hk now to eat all the good food hehe

Crystal said...

That looks absolutely delicious. I LOVE McDonalds. Unfortuantly, we don't have those two products here in Canada.

I usually get the Junior Chickens, ice cream cones, and oreo mcflurries! Yum :D

EatTravelEat said...

Yum to the black pepper burger- I liked it! Had it in Wan Chai last year where the lady then scolded me for taking a picture of their menu hahaha.... Did not try he quadruple one though.

Now chocolate pie is on my list of things to try in Hong Kong's MCD.

nadia.H said...

wow,choc pie?here in russia we only got raspberry,apricot,strawberry pies..well,according to season..but never siree..

nadia.H said...

WOW!choc pie?!!here in russia,we only got raspberry,strabewrry,apricot pies..according to seasons..but never siree...

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow, you guys love seeing the hong kong specials eh? ^_^

YaYa said...

ONLY raspberry,apricot,strawberry pies??? Here in Sydney we've only got the apple kind, sigh!

Anonymous said...

OOHh I loved the black pepper burger I had when I stopped over at HK! They also came with an awesome melted cheese or mayo sauce?

and BAH at Sydney Maccas for not having a chocolate pie!

Jessica said...

Where is the flea market? :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@Jessica Pei Ho street

M said...

I'm just like you, Rita... I love my junkfood too!

Did you try McDonalds when they had McRibs last year? It was delicious but unfortunately it was only for a limited time. I wish that they make it permanent because I got dissapointed when I could not find it during my visit to HK this year.

On another note, I lovvve McSpicy from Singapore. Have you ever tried it? It's spicy, crunchy and the chicken is just moist and flavourful.