Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Make Chinese Savoury Sticky Rice Dumpling - My First Try

I love Chinese sticky rice dumplings. Nono. I freaking ADORE Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings, I could've ask them to marry me. However, sometimes they remind me of my big fat calves in gladiator sandals, and I'd love my calves even less, but my love for the dumplings remains strong.

I've always wanted to learn how to wrap these little babies, and finally, I had a chance to try when sous chef's mom was preparing a huge batch of this deliciousness. The above savoury dumpling was done by me, marked with a red raffia, so that they could identify which ones I've done, which was absolutely unnecessary. The ugly ones were mine, whereas these cute and perfect little pyramids below were done by the master.

The difference? Like heaven and hell, eh?
Below, I'm gonna illustrate the basic wrapping technique which I've learnt. Why do I always have to illustrate instead of taking photographs?
You've guessed it right.
I. the dumbass. forgot. my camera.

How to Make Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings
(Ugly Rectangular Wrapping)

The Ingredients

- Sticky rice (soaked overnight)
- Salted egg yolks
- Dry green beans (with no skin, soaked overnight)
- Dried scallops (soaked until softened)
- Pork meat, use cuts which contain some fat, marinate in five spice powder, soy sauce, sugar (alternatively, you can use chicken, sausages, or beef, just choose the ones with some fatty bits, we need the fat to moisturize the dumplings, otherwise we'd end up with dry and dense dumplings)
- Bamboo leafs for wrapping (available in Chinese grocers) and the strings

Feel free to improvise and add other ingredients too! Sous chef suggested adding ribena, the idea was immediately shot down by...everyone (thank God).

The Soaking

I don't think I needed to illustrate the soaking, but while I was at it, I got carried away and it would be such as waste not to post this illustration, so there you go!

The Wrapping
1. Lay two leafs, partially overlapping

2. The stacking, layer the ingredients this way:
- 1 heaping tbsp of sticky rice
- 1 heaping tbsp of green beans
- lay the meat in the middle, eggyolk and dried scallop on each side
- add 1 heaping tbsp of green beans on top
- top everything off with 1 heaping tbsp of sticky rice
Remember to allow some space on either side of the leafs

3. Cover the little mountain of ingredients with another piece of leaf

4. Fold both sides of the leafs in to securely cover the ingredients, gather the edges similar to the way you gift wrap...

5. Fold both ends in

6. Tie with a string, it doesn't have to be too tight as the ingredients will swell after cooking, just make sure it is secure and it doesn't leak

I wish mine were as pretty as the illustrations.

After wrapping a batch, boil the batch in a big pot for about 3 hrs, drain and let cool for later consumption. I reheated mine in microwave. Place a dumpling in a bowl, add a bit of water, microwave on high for a couple of minutes, unwrap and enjoy.

Some people eat their sticky rice dumplings with soy sauce, some sprinkle some sugar (which I found weird, but many people love it), some pour both sugar and soy sauce. I devoured mine with soy sauce and chilli sauce.

They may look imperfect, but they are moist, rich, fragrant, flavorful, scrumptuous, succulent, delicious...Help! I am out of yummy adjectives!


Lidia Sianturi said...

yummm kesukaanku...ga peduli mo gimana mbungkuse..
eh tp nek ning kene kok ga seenak gaweane wong cino indo yo Rit? isine kurang tasty...

Vonnie said...

itu gambarane bok gambar dewe ya??

YaYa said...

The drawings are awesome! Very impressed with your attempts. I personally like my dumplings with chilli sauce!

daphne said...

man.. u even make your own dumplings now? Amazingly clever!

now, to find salted egg yolks in Perth! They are crazily expensive.. =( so dumplings here only hv the mung bean, mushrooms and meat...

Vania said...

sketsa-nya bagus2 banget. You have a very good 'freehand' drawing, beautiful handwriting plus gorgeous photos.

Indonesia-Eats said...

I have a hard time to buy here. They usually have b2. Once, I found the vegetarian version and chicken inside.

They served with hoisin sauce, which you know I prefer consume with chili sauce :)

Great job, Rit!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Even your illustrations look way cool. And the dumpling looks delicious to me.

Little Corner of Mine said...

We wrapped it differently here, nevertheless, delicious all the same. I love love rice dumplings too, I'm going to make mine tomorrow. A long day ahead since I work alone. Guess rice dumplings would be the dinner. ;)

meeso said...

Wowie! Looks too tempting, and a LOT of work!

Heather said...

wow! color me impressed! thouse are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Those are amazing! Now, you're inspiring me to make these dumplings. Of course, my handiwork won't be as good as either of yours.

tigerfish said...

Love the drawings on making your own dumplings :) .....I only know how to eat dumplings :O

pixen said...

Lovely picts! I still have crossed fingers when doing this sorts of wrappings :D I only know how to eat and always seized the opportunity during festivals or not :P The way you wrapped also different compared to my usual dumplings which are triangular shapes found locally. It's interesting to see wraps from different cultures. Have you seen the rectangulars and wrapped in 4 corners?

Hong said...

awesome! but i am still not motivated to make one. did you draw the illustrations?

sunflower said...

I make my own dumplings whenever I can. It's too expensive to buy over here. Here is my recipe with a slideshow how to wrap http://sunflower-recipes.blogspot.com/2009/05/testing-testing.html

noobcook said...

Your illustrations are superb! The dumplings look so well made to me, made me crave for some now ;p

EatTravelEat said...

Great illustrations! They look so beautiful :). I've never tried making this at home before. At my supermarket, somehow they will call this dish (in this variation anyway with the beans and salted egg yolk) "HK style sticky rice dumpling".

Sharon said...

MMMMM....you're always making my favorite foods! My mom used to make these for me but now says she's "retired" because it's too difficult!
Great job with the illustrations.

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks a lot it is a very good guide, now to make chinese savoury sticky rice dumpling is definitely simple and easy with your tips. Kudos