Friday, May 1, 2009

Fizzy Strawberry Drink - A Touch of Spring

I came from a country where the weather were either hot-hotter-hottest or rainy-flooded. I was so ecstatic moving to Hong Kong, as they have 4 seasons! OK, Hong Kong doesn't snow, but still, it has hot, cold and everything in between.

What do I love about Hong Kong's spring?
- The perfect air-conditioned-like 20-25C temperature
- How it gets really bright early in the morning
- How it stays bright when I get off work
- All the new flowers which get planted in parks
- I get to wear my colorful summer dresses without looking like a fool
- All the fresh produce which are imported from other places (no space in HK to grow sad)

What don't I like about Hong Kong's spring?
- When the air gets real humid and stuffy
- When it rains and really cold
- The idea that the 35C humid summer is coming. Arrrgghhh
- Saying goodbye to my fabulous boots (see you next winter my lovelies...)

Now back to love. I love seeing strawberries being sold everywhere, naturally except the day that I want them, they were nowhere in sight (
culinary Murphy's law).

Fizzy Strawberry Drink

It's the perfect drink for spring/summer. A mix of icy cold sparkling rose wine, sprite and chunks of strawberries. Light, slightly sweet, fizzy, with something juicy, sweet and fragrant to munch. Yum!

Cheers to spring! Summer, bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

Niicee those strawberries looks so juicy and sweet! and in fizzy form is even better hee hee mmmm bubbly!

Ben said...

Those are the same things I love/hate from Ohio's spring, well, maybe the rain is not so bad, but I also love rain, hehe. Nice strawberries. I can smell their springy aroma from here. :)

Roossy Tirta said...

So refreshing! Good luck with click!

Elsye said...

aaayuuuu..merahnya bener2 merahhh kerennn Rit, good luck yoo :D

Screamin' Mama said...

Looks so fresh! Perfect for the hot weather.

What I hated about spring in HK was the walls sweating from the humidity...I lost my brown belt once in the back of my closet and when I found had turned green from mold...yuck!! My first place didn't have an air conditioner!

Ah King and Moon said...

Oh man, i really would like to have some, here is scalding hot's no fun to stay in the oven....>0<

mikky said...

what a great idea!!! i still have lots of frozen strawberries left... :)

Cynthia said...

Rita, each one of these photographs is outstanding.

Nick said...

Perfect time for this, looks fantastic.

noobcook said...

The weather in Singapore is so hot. These fizzy drinks look so appealing to me right now. Love the deep red hues ^o^

EatTravelEat said...

Beautiful! I like how you captured the shot of the strawberries in the liquids.

I too don't like HK's humidity. Probably the only thing I don't like about Hong Kong!

dini said...

aduh mbak enak banget kayaknya strawberry nya.. hehe
baru pertama kali mampir nih, salam kenal

Ivi said...

are you indonesian? hmm. how much comparison for the wine and sprite?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi Ivi,

Yes I am Indonesian, and I generally use more sprite than wine. You can experiment and add the wine or the sprite bit by bit until it reaches your preferred combination