Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Braised Beef Brisket in Herb and Tomato Sauce - A Glass of Poison, Anyone?

How sad and frustrating it is not being able to cook and create, especially when inspirations are floating around your head all day (this is what you get from watching too much Top Chef reruns), events are lined up waiting to be done, and readers waiting to be virtually fed. The answer is...

Very. Absolutely. Extremely. All adverbs ending with "y"

Fortunately, I have another channel to pour my inspirations into, or I might explode!

But, don't worry, my hungry monkeys, I've been digging, and I still have some deliciousness in store for you, stashed deep inside my hard disk. They are the kind of food that's gonna taste better when kept (a little) longer. Hehe, enjoy!

Braised Beef Brisket in Herb and Tomato Sauce

- 1 pound of beef brisket
- 6 cloves of garlic, crushed
- 1 onion, cut into big chunks
- 5 tomatoes, cut into sections
- rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage, black pepper, salt, fresh mint leaves, lemon juice, lemon zest, red chilli
- butter, olive oil, hot water

Season brisket with salt and pepper, sear in hot oil to brown a bit, set aside. In a pot, saute garlic and onion in olive oil and butter, add brisket chunks, add tomatoes, add herbs, lemon zest, keep lemon juice, chilli and mint leaves for later, add a bit of hot water if necessary. Pop the pot into a preheated oven (180C), and cook until the meat is super tender (about 1.5 hours). You can cook on stove top or use a pressure cooker. Squeeze some lemon juice, sprinkle chopped chilli and garnish with fresh mint leaves. Taste great with rice or pasta, and you can mop off the sauce with bread. Yum.

Now, I've been wanting to share this with everybody, but it got pushed to the back of deep data jungle in my disorganized hard disk. Finally, it's out. Nobody keeps poison in the corner, right?

Short? Tall? Grande? Would you like a milk with that? Cream? Soy? Sorry, arsenic is not available.
Over here, people just die from pleasure ^_^


dini said...

iya, aku di olympic......
ada email?
atau FB?

dini said...

Ym aja ya....add di dinibeib123

ellentakdir said...

mantab nih rit tp gak boleh sering2 yachhh....rit dah ketemuan sama dini?dia kan dihongkong juga

Fearless Kitchen said...

This looks great. I'm used to brisket only being used in barbeque, so this looks really different to me.

ladyironchef said...

wow where did u get those glasses? they are cool man. heh

Anonymous said...

Hee hee surprised there isn't a whisky glass version of the poison series XD