Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ginger Cola Grilled Chicken Wings - Eat Your Drink

What's your favorite drink?
I wish mine is something like...
- Cosmopolitan. Oh, so Sex and the City!
- Vodka Lime. Oh, so cool!
- Red Wine, of a certain vintage. Oh, such a knowledgeable foodie!
- Strawberry Daiquiry. Oh, such a sweet girl!

Nonononono....my favorite drinks are the following:
1. The one and only Coca Cola (not diet, not zero, the classic ol' Coca Cola), with ice (without ice, it's just not right)
2. Es teh tawar (unsweetened Indonesian Iced Tea)
3. Lame 'ol instant coffee (1 tsp Nescafe + 2 tsp creamer + 1 cube of sugar + 1/3 cup super hot water)
4. If I must drink something alcoholic, which will get me scratching for 1 week or more...mojito

I've heard of people cooking chicken wings with coke all the time. Since it's my #1 favorite drink, I was curious to see if I'd still love it in my food. Since it's winter...I balanced the sweetness of the coke with the heat of ginger.

Ginger Cola Grilled Chicken Wings

- 10 chicken wings - mid joint
- 5 cm ginger, peeled, crushed
- plain old coca cola, about 1/2 a small bottle
- salt, pepper, olive oil

Boil chicken wings in coke and ginger (just enough coke to cover wings) until most of the coke evaporated. Place chicken wings and the remaining of coke on a plate, let it marinate for a few hours, or overnight.
Preheat oven to 250C, rub marinated wings with a bit of salt, pepper, and olive oil, grill in an oven proof tray, including the liquid used to marinate (to keep the wings moist), flip once/twice, until they are as gorgeous as this. You can add a bit of coke in the middle of grilling.

Yummana, yummana, yummana! Good enough to eat!

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Retno Prihadana said...

Rita, rita...selalu aja ada idenya :)) Sambil ngebayangin chicken wings nya Rita :D

Beachlover said...

oh mine! wish I can grab one and east now! I only braise Coke but never grilled...must try your method one day!!

Lori Lynn said...

My those do look good. I'm a Diet Coke fan myself, wouldn't cook with it though. In fact, I like it very cold and straight from the can, no ice either. Cooking with Coke does sound interesting though. Your photos make those wings look very very tasty!

Peter M said...

This gwei-lo loves the look and sound of this chicken wing dish...bravo lovely Rita-meter-maid!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Coke classic! I knew I liked you for a reason ;)

mikky said...

oh my... this looks so interesting and yum yum... :)

Jescel said...

wow, this is such a creative dish.. i'm curious.. i only use sprite for a pork dish that i have, and an orange soda for cake, but not coke..hmmnn...

Little Corner of Mine said...

It certainly looks yummilicious and finger licking good! Should try!

Kevin said...

I have never heard of cooking chicken wings with coke but now I am going to have to try!

Lidia Sianturi said...

rasane piye Rit?

Elsye said...

bener kata mbak retno, dikau selalu aja ada ide baru...hebrinngggg...kayake aku ikutan nyontek, hihih keliatan gampil ya bow..

btw ikutan DMBLGIT desember ini rit, fotomu ayu2..

Heather said...

wow! what a GREAT recipe! i am definitely trying this. i LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...


... I love it!! I really do!.. does it means i'm not a food snob? :-) Thanks Rita!

Lisa said...

Oh, this is genius and I must try it soon. Reminds me of a post on the Homesick Texan's blog; something about Dr. Pepper and ribs, I think it was. Similar idea, anyway.

Gemini Jilgi said...

i love your crazy recipes!!