Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Ultimate Bday Indulgence

The meal we've been saving for, long for, wore elastic waistband for and didn't eat the whole....afternoon for (as if we could stand not eating the whole day), our ultimate indulgence...a scrumptious, decadent buffet dinner at Mr. Steak Buffet a la Minute! Woohooo!!! Dig in!

Hors D'Oeuvres

Silky smooth tofu with soy and pork floss. Light and refreshing...and I love the huge gingerbread town decorating the buffet spread!

Bits of thinly sliced ham on sweet chunks of melon got me ready into the next food adventure...

A vast array of seafood...I am not a big fan of cold seafood, but I managed to down a crab head full of roe. Yum! Hello cholesterol....

I used to hate sashimi. Blegh! Ew! Yuck!....but now I start to be able to enjoy a slice of buttery salmon...and I grew to love succulent and sweet scallop and shrimp sashimi. Ohhhh this beginning stage of love...always excites, yet scares me. *Shudder*

The sushi section. I love them so much, but I can't eat more than 1-2 pieces, sorry babies, I need to save some space for more good stuff...I still love you, although not equally (I am a firm believer of favoritism).

The Hot Stuff

The Shanghai Xiao Long Bao were tasty and juicy...and the skin was delightfully thin and chewy (unlike mine, which is thick and start to get a lil' droopy)

Sausages, sausages, no, size does not matter. The smaller the better *wink*

Nothing beats the sound of Kobe beef strips sizzling on the's like music to my ears! Ladida dida! Come and dance on my plate...

Wagyu steak, grilled to perfection...was I drunk from the beef scent...was it just me? or does the uncle who's in charge of slicing the beef really start to look very very hot?

All kinds of delicious prime steaks on my plate...this place really deserves the title of "Mr.Steak"

*Rubbing my eyes?* I couldn't believe what I saw....are those....FOIE GRAS???!!!!! Oh my.....forget salad, forget sushi, forget seafood! ME WANT FOIE GRAS!!!! (This explain the bizzare plate below)

Oh yeah! Eerrrrr.....foie gras on toasts....with ehm...tofu? crab? and oysters? Are you MAD???!!! Sorry guys and gals, I just had to have them. Then and there. They were rich, velvety...the ultimate decadence.

Oh My Goodness Gracious! Sweetnesses!!!

Not a big fan of gelee, especially in winter...but these fuji apple jelly topped with fresh raspberries were just perfect! Sweet and refreshing.

Pecan pie, chocolate mousse cake, tiramisu, pomelo and mango dessert...I wish I had multiple stomachs

Can I wash my face in your fountain of chocolatey goodness?

The crepe suzette station, made to order, just for you, by a young-hot-hunky chef...I'd like one with extra everything, please...and your phone number...errr for my friend, you're single, are you?

The place's great, the food's fan-freaking-tastic, the service staff were friendly, funny even...except when I walked around taking pictures and got in their way...and the HK$360 per pax price tag for Sunday dinner is totally worth it! I will definitely go back there again. Now I am exercising my stomach to be able to eat more in my next visit ^_^.

A million thanks to my sweet girls and sc for the amazing dinner, the presents...and most importantly...for eating as much as me most of the time, I can't imagine having closest friends who don't eat. *Grin*

Mr. Steak buffet a la minute
3/F, Hang Lung Centre, 2-20 Paterson Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: 2881 5756 / 2881 5757

Check out which elastic waistband I wore for this dinner here.
PS. Why start your diet today, if you can postpone it 'til tomorrow?


tigerfish said...

Happy 2009! I had so much buffets during the Christmas to New Year holidays that I am rather scared to hear of "buffets" now :O

Jescel said...

Happy Birthday girl.. you did have a nice celebration.. looking at your pics make my stomach rumble (from hunger!)... Here's to an even greater year for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year ^^! That buffet is much better than ones we have here :(! Haha I would have picked at the gingerbread town yummmm! Happy eating in 2009!

Elsye said...

met ultahhhhhhh.....aku ikutan makan dongggg..., rit potone apikk tenan

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow girl, what a feast!

Happy New Year 2009!

glamah16 said...

Damn that all looked good. Happy New Year.

glamah16 said...

Oh and Happy Birthday .

Cindy. Lo. said...

Wow Happy Birthday there!
Wish more delicious goodies will come to you this year!

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a great way to celebrate it! =D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thats a steal!!! so much foie gras n steak...oooh lalala

Anonymous said...

Hey we randomly came across your blog and that buffet looks super good!!! 360HK is ~$45-50 USD which isn't bad at all for wagyu and foie gras!! Next time, we're in Hong KOng, we're coming here!!