Friday, June 20, 2014

How to Make Easy Ice Sweet Corn Summer Dessert

Mega delish easy ice dessert. Just the perfect thing for this crazy sticky hot humid Hong Kong summer.
I saw this dish made by a celebrity in a Korean show called Happy Together, the Late Night Cafetaria segment. It's brilliant! It's savory-sweet, sweetness can be adjusted to any level, many different combinations can be done, it involves some sort of ice & super easy to make. I just had to try it!

Recipe (adapted from the show)
- 1 small can of coconut milk (the original recipe uses 1 box of milk)
- sweet corn kernels (fresh or canned - whichever lights your fire)
- condensed milk

Pour coconut milk into freezer friendly container, freeze. A couple of hours before serving, thaw in fridge until you can "mash" it with a fork. Or you can freeze the milk/coconut milk in smaller container so that you can use blender to make the "shaved milk ice". Place a serving of the granita-esque coconut milk in a bowl, add as much corn kernels (if you're using fresh corn, cook the corn & get the kernels) as you like & top it with condensed milk. 

Icy creamy sweet savory goodness. LOVE! 

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Sunit said...

Lovely recipe! Looks so fresh and perfect for this blazing summer heat wave Hong Kong seems to be having.