Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Dinner - Seafood in Sai Kung

We always celebrate special family occasions early to avoid crazy charges & make booking for table less painful :)
So we had our father's day dinner the week before the real day ;)
A lovely seafood dinner in Sai Kung, as requested by SC's dad.
My fil & mil went to Sai Kung market & chose the seafood from the restaurant's shop, and they get delivered to the restaurant, then cooked the way we wanted.
Sweet yummy prawns. Perfectly cooked.

Clams. Absolutely delicious! Perfect with rice.

Fish with broccoli. This was alright.

Obligatory soup. We could do without this. Not tasty enough.

Giant ass abalone! Perfectly cooked.

Scallops with vermicelli with tasty garlicky topping.

I bet I'm not the only one who likes the noodles more than the scallop - despite the fact that it's cooked nicely.

Fried giant ass oysters cooked in wine. Don't judge this fugly looking dish by its appearance...

...because it's so darn yummy!

Mantis shrimps. So tasty!!!!!

Lobster on a bed of fried rice instead of noodles. I'd prefer it with noodles :)

Mostly yummy dishes at HK$330 per person. Much better value for money than the touristy famous waterfront Sai Kung restos. I'd totally go for this one again.

G/F See Cheung Street, Sai Kung
Hong Kong
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saucy spatula said...

omg rita. It's 9:35am here in NY, and I want to EAT SEAFOOD for breakfast!

Thanks for sharing the yummy photos! :)