Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Breakfast - Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Open Sandwich

Smoked Salmon, English Muffin & Cream Cheese Breakfast
I love weekend breakfasts! Simply going downstairs to a neighborhood eatery to have some classic Hong Kong all-day breakfast, or a Chinese resto for dimsums, or congee with a side of steamed rice rolls. In Hong Kong, we are spoilt with choices! What do I love to eat at home for breakfast, though? Well, my favorite would be instant noodles ^_^' I know... it's unhealthy and everything. It's my guilty pleasure. This week, I feel like something different. So I made this simple treat. It cheers me up after a hard work week :)
Smoked Salmon, English Muffin & Cream Cheese Breakfast
I don't think I should call this a recipe. Just sharing how I put this together.
- English muffins (you can replace this with your favorite bread)
- Olive oil for toasting
- Smoked salmon
- Lime juice (or lemon)
- Cream cheese
- Fresh Coriander
Drizzle English muffins with olive oil and toast on a frying pan until browned. Slather cream cheese generously, add a piece of smoked salmon, drizzle with a bit of lime or lemon juice, sprinkle with chopped fresh coriander. I had mine with a cup of earl grey.

Weekend bliss!


Joanne said...

smoked salmon and cream cheese definitely WERE made for each other! Great sandwich.

mochaccinoland said...

i love smoked salmon with cream cheese! i can eat that anytime!<3

erin said...

I see that you bought a set of Turkish tea cups with you (on the background). :)

daphne said...

oh yeah! smoked salmon and cream cheese- on toasted muffin.. what not to love?!?!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Looks exquisite! I can't wait to try it and enjoy

tigerfish said...

I agree. In Hong Kong, and most parts of Asia, the breakfast choices are unlimited. I always miss my "economy" bee hoon in the US and is one of the breakfast items I seek when back in S'pore

WokandSpoon said...

I miss the Malaysian roti canai and curry breakfasts! I love cream cheese and salmon on anything - bread, muffins, crackers...lovely.

Noob Cook said...

gorgeous photography!!!!! I'm missing Australian Milk Company's scrambled eggs and macaroni ;)

Arudhi said...

I love English muffins, salmon, and cilantro. So pretty much everything in your gorgeous breakfast. Yuuuummmmmm!