Sunday, June 24, 2012

Berry Summer Drink, Berry Refreshing!

Refreshing Summer Drink with Berries
Perfect for these sticky balmy stuffy hot summer days!
Very refreshing, super easy to make, and looks so damn pretty!
Perfect for parties ;)

Refreshing Summer Drink with Berries
You can make it alcoholic or non alcoholic too!
- Strawberries, remove top and cut to halves/quarters
- Blueberries, leave them whole
- Cherries, remove stem, cut to halves, remove pits
- Your favorite soda (I used sprite, you can use 7Up or Cream Soda or Sparkling ribena)
- If you want to booze-ify it, add vodka or red/white wine

To assemble in a pitcher, place ice cubes at the bottom, add a layer of fruits, add more ice cubes, pour soda/booze, and add more fruits on top. When serving,, scoop some fruits into individual glasses, and serve the glass with a pretty dessert spoon.

Or just drink the whole pitcher.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Berry refreshing indeed! Love all the summer berries!

WokandSpoon said...

Definitely drink the whole pitcher! This looks really refreshing...and healthy...minus the alcohol! All we need now are sticky balmy stuffy hot summer days this end of the world!

Joanne said...

It's almost like sangria but without the wine! Delicious.

Pencil Kitchen said...

Just what we all need for the hot weather! I was just thinking about frozen grapes as ice cubes!