Monday, February 28, 2011

How Much Could A Girl Eat? Lunch Buffet at The Place - Langham Place Hotel, Mong Kok

I love impromptu meals, no planning, no looking up and down and no struggling with bookings.
This was one of them. We just walked by, didn't think too much about whether or not the food is good etc (it's Langham Place hotel, they have a restaurant with stars and stuff, how bad could it be?), tried our luck to get seats, and we did.

Looking through the photoes, I was just amazed at how much I could eat. I was still eating long after my dining companion threw in his towel. I finished most things in below photos, just leaving bits of dessert which I thought weren't worthy of space in my already overstuffed stomach.
It was pretty scary.
I am not gonna explain every bit of food I've tried. They're what you normally find in most buffet lines...they' Hong Kong term "OK nice" ^_^
I love Chinglish.

They actually put up a sign beside the Chinese food section, stating that the Chinese food came from their Michelin starred Ming Court restaurant.
 Love the sauteed mushrooms.

Soy sauce chicken was absolutely delicious. The char siew isn't my favorite in Hong Kong, but it is certainly different. There's a hint of fragrance in its sweetness, almost vanilla-ish.

I added some cheese, bacon bits and croutons from the Caesar salad station to my pasta. HAHAHA.
The chef must've thought I was crazy. 
Maybe I am.

Overcooked lamb, which is almost expected of a buffet line if it's not ala minute.

 Cute little desserts with a waffle station...

 I love how tiny they are, and quite a few of them are lovely. Not bad.
I know sometimes I love quantity and selection over quality.
Guilty as charged ^_^

Ended the meal with coffee, absolutely stuffed!

The Place - Langham Place Hotel
4/F, Langham Place Hotel, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3552 3200


Maggie™ said...

u know what, i love the Violet heel in the background... haha heel on the dining table.... interesting.....

Gastronomous Anonymous said...

i was going to ask - the heel - what was it? Its gorgeous and i like!!!!!

the buffet looks good - better than the 'indo' buffet that we had!

Token said...

Wow, you sure can eat alot! °_°

Rachelle said...

obvs im a glutton cus i totally didnt notice the heel and merely focused on the food...

now why hadnt i thought of adding salad components to buffet pasta? you're a genius ;) your comment about the vanilla-y charsiu has made me curious...

Joanne said...

Nothing better than a good buffet. And this one looks seriously satisfactory.

zenchef said...

I almost passed out from looking at all that food!
I thought i was good but there's no way i could compete against you.

What.. What did you say?


I'm not sure i understand that language, Rita. :P

aki! said...

Is that a shoe in the background? Awesome!

moonui.. said...

WOW. this buffet looks AMAZING....
annnddd I'm hungry again...haha

This doesn't compare at ALL to the Las Vegas buffets. The Hong Kong one looks so diverse and delicious!!

EatTravelEat said...

Ooh this looks delicious! Lots of high quality items, certainly doesn't look only just quality over quantity.

Chris said...

Hi, I hope to be going to HK later this year. Can u give me an idea on how much the buffet is?? I need to budget accordingly! The Vegas buffets are ho-hum compared to that!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Hi Chris, around 300 for lunch ;)