Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year Fair 2011 - Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Some food related cuteness we saw in Chinese New Year Fair this year...
CNY 2011
Huge cups of bubble tea!

CNY 2011
Gai daan zai balloon...they even have chocolate ones!

CNY 2011
Pizza cushions with the boxes ;)

CNY 2011
Some traditional snacks we don't always see on the streets anymore...

CNY 2011
Plushy "crackers"

CNY 2011
Hong Kong's favorite instant noodles, nissin.

CNY 2011
Chinese New Year must have snack, the butter cookies.

CNY 2011
...and my first time trying out this snack.

CNY 2011
Sweet, sticky glucose between a couple of cream crackers.

CNY 2011
And look at those dimsum soft toys. You can even remove the individual har gaw from the plushy bamboo baskets!

Kung Hey Fat Choy once again!

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noobcook said...

Are the shops opened during CNY? It will be nice to spend CNY in HK next time :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hmm most shops are closed, but some are still open ;)

Veny said...

seru juga yah CNY di HK, saya lom perna tuh . biasa kita pergi ke HK always in summer . laen kali deh mo liat CNY disana . heheee
Gong Xie Gong Xie Rit

jisampedro said...

The picture of the traditional snack "machine" reminds me that I see almost everyday a man, in the underground in Mongkok, selling these snacks. Have you tried those?

Chloe said...

Maltose and cracker sandwich...mmmm...such a nostalgic treat ^^

Little Corner of Mine said...

So interesting! I would love to walk those streets.

Christine Wu said...

Love the pizza pillow! Haha, btw that crackers remind me of smores?

Joanne said...

I want bubble tea that size!

EatTravelEat said...

Oh my, these pillows are cute! I've never seen any of these ever before....what's the traditional snack that we don't always see on the streets anymore? Some kind of nuts?

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

Those pillows are so cute!

Swee San said...

the gai daan zhai and dimsum pillow are so so cute!!