Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Manila Food Adventure - The Mother of All Sore Throats

(Written by Suzette Mendoza, some pictures by Peewee Consul)

- Day 2 Lunch -
Libingan ng mga Bayani (Resting Place for Heroes)

Hotdog sandwich - An ordinary hotdog on a bun with ketchup and mayo, with red iced tea. But, hey! It's not the sandwich that counts this time- it's the view!!! And what a view it was - serene park, with well maintained lawns, well interiored trees and foliage, well aligned white marble crosses in rolling hills, the charming chapel of everlarting flowers in mosaic, the sound of the chime music every half hour, the chirping of the birds, the kiss of the gentle wind, the marble wall memorial with etched names of soldiers, the battle mosaic maps, the feel of the dewed grass underneath my feet, the view of mountains, houses, structures from yonder -

The lone hotdog becomes special with memories of heroes permeating around

- Day 2 Dinner -
Bowling at Megamall

Adobo chicken and pork with garlic rice and fried egg

I loveee how they serve fried eggs with almost anything! Hehe

and oh, the crunchy Chicharon Bulaklak

Pig intestines, boiled in spices, then deep fried til very crunchy- the boiled intestines coil in the shape of flower petals while being fried, thus the name bulaklak (filipino word for flower)

I also called these bad boys "the mother of all sore throats" :p

Its not the food again this time - but the joy, (and shame) of playing a game called bowling

Jessie and Alex feigning romance...the sweet hand holding and gazing into each other's eyes...I was jealous!

We were a bunch of proud beginners.

So what if we broke a nail or two? So what if our right thumb and arm were sore? So what if we were scoring with much help from the bouncing of the ball from the gutter protectors? We still had fun. We had a few strikes and spares now and then, we had the chance to show a few dance steps, we totally reversed the definition of a perfect throw, we totally let our imagination ran wild with the bowling balls and we totally learned that bowling is not for us. (LOL)

But hey, I think we should play again :)


Big Boys Oven said...

great account of your outing!

Ning said...

ha ha ha! the chicharon bulaklak, aka deep fried pork instestines will not give you sore throat if you dip it in lots of spicy vinegar! So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! :)

Dwiana P said...

Delicious meals and coz happy faces! So jealous seeing you all wearing short skirt and short sleeve mmmm I gotta wait for next year:( Have fun everyone!

Anonymous said...

You three girls look adorable :)

Rita said...

In Alaska there is something called "Philipino BBQ", my husband LOVES it. Have you heard of it?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

thanks for the comments, guys

ning...i absolutely adored chicharon bulaklak...unfornately, even dipping it in lotsa vinegar didnt exactly help hehehe

hi rita, i loveeeee filipino BBQ so much, my colleagues noticed immediately (i ordered it almost every chance i got)

Anonymous said...

OH my the bulaklak looks and sounds so good! Deep fried gooddnness mmm and yay for bowling ^^!

deeTha said...

aku gelem hod dog e.....
tapi daginge orak seko dog, kan? hihihihi

noobcook said...

the pics are so fun! hehe ... you really know how to have fun ^_^

tigerfish said...

Looks like a fun group to be with :)

MiNDY said...

makanannya ada yg mirip² disini juga Rit, kaya adobo n chicharon. mungkin krn sama² mantan jajahan Spanyol ya?

daphne said...

hon, at least your bowling ball rolled the right way.. mine went backwards.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Daph, someone really did rolled the ball backward (you know who you are hehe)...and someone else threw the ball from lane 7 to lane 8 LOL!!!

SIG said...

Oh wow thanks for the memories. It's been many many yrs since I last set foot on manila soil and I still remember megamall. Haha!