Friday, October 10, 2008

Asian Franks and Beans - Halloween Costume Ideas?

Another canned food creation. This is what happens when I need to serve something, other than a nice, candle-lit, romantic atmosphere, myself and a pair of raggedy old (albeit) Jimmy Choos for dinner. There was no time to procure any fresh ingredients, so I had to do my kind of dumb-n-dumber-but-smart math equation, which is:

Whatever you have in your pantry/fridge + Garlic + Onion + Ginger + Kecap manis = YUMMY

Using the formula, I came up with my version of...
Asian Franks and Beans
- 4 cloves of garlic, crushed
- half onion, sliced
- 1 cm of ginger, crushed
- 8 chicken franks (chopped into bite sized chunks)
- 1 can of kidney beans, drained
- 1 small can of tomato paste, dissolve with a bit of hot water
- kecap manis, salt, pepper, olive oil, fried shallots (optional as garnish)

Brown chicken frank pieces in olive oil, add garlic, onion and ginger, add tomato paste with a bit of hot water, add beans, add kecap manis, salt, and pepper. Garnish with fried shallot. Serve with steamed rice or mix with pasta/noodles or with bread as a sloppy sandwich.

Gosh, it even made ME delicious ;) hehe

Moving on...believe it or not...I, the self proclaimed party animal, haven't been to a real Halloween costume party. The only one I went to was a karaoke party, and I went as a cross between an omnivore, a big eater and a greedy bitch, which was pretty much myself...downing plates after plates of crappy cheap buffet food...singing my out-of-tune, inaccurately-pronounced version of Chinese songs, on top of my lungs. That could not be counted as a real Halloween costume party, as plenty of people were in slutty attire, but no one was in any scary costume hehe, although I certainly accomplished my mission of scaring some people off the buffet table. LOL

The idea of a costume party made me wonder...what kinda costume would be perfect for me?
Could I be...
- a sexy witch?
- a slutty nurse?
- a naughty devil?
....or a creepy handless chef?


Christy said...

Hmmm...I'd suggest a different combo...a definite combination of Sexy Chef!~
Hehehe...that pic of the chef is not representing you...:p

Rita said...

I love costume parties, they are always a lot of fun. My favourite costume that I ever had was a bee one. buzzzz

Anonymous said...

OH OH handless chef! Handless chef! Hee hee jkjk I agree with Christy and go for the sexy chef!! ;)

MiNDY said...

I do agree with Christy n FFichiban, go sexy... go chef... go sexy chef *a la cheerleader*

Pam said...

The asian franks and beans sound great.

Costume parties are a blast! I think you should definitely go as the handless chef ;)

noobcook said...

This kind of convenient cooking is kinda similar to what I always whipped up in my home hehe ^o^ I so want to see your halloween costume ;p

rita bellnad said...

yeah rite.... go sexy...go sexy... hehehh.... *kompor*

Kevin said...

Beans and franks are always a quick and tasty standby. It has been too long since I was last at a Halloween costume party!

Cakelaw said...

I love the simplicity of this - using up pantry leftovers is always a nightmare. I also vote for the Sexy Chef costume!

Dwiana P said...

how about be a wonder woman, look sexy...! LOL
I never dress up in my life, I don't think I will be comfortable. But surely I will dress my son with funny costume.

CK Lam said...

I also suggest the sexy chef...everything is the same except with a short sexy mini will be the center of attraction.

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for storage. Kindly update with my new url ....

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Mochachocolata Rita said...

thanks for the comments, guys...

sexy chef eh? that's a great idea!

i wonder where do i buy a chef's hat...i'll look around ;)

Dhi said...

hihihi.... gilaaa, ada-ada aja :P