Tuesday, March 4, 2008

*Spicy Cilantro Meatballs & Festa Italiana

My sous chef had a sudden inspiration to make meatballs, and I am happy with my huge contribution of eating almost all of them. The inspiration came from.....(I was pretty shocked on how creative my sous chef can be)...........Indonesian Corn Fritters!!! So, these meatballs are filled with chopped cilantro, garlic and red chilli, minus the corn. Turned out pretty darn good, I almost ended up with empty lunch box cos I couldn't stop popping those little bad boys into my mouth.

- HK$20 ground pork (can be replaced with ground chicken, beef, fish, shrimps or maybe corn/peas/tofu for vegetarian alternatives)
- finely chopped garlic, chopped cilantro, red chilli (remove seeds)
- 1 teaspoon of corn starch
- salt, sugar, pepper, ketchup, oyster sauce
- tomatoes, chopped into 6-8 parts
- olive oil

Mix ground pork with corn starch, some of the finely chopped garlic, cilantro, red chilli, roll into small balls, pan fry until golden brown, set aside. Saute the remaining of garlic, add tomatoes, ketchup, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, add meatballs, cook until all heated through.

Perfect for pasta, but we just had to eat them with rice. How typically Indonesian of me. HAHA

By the way, there's a Festa Italiana hosted by Finding La Dolce Vita and Proud Italian Cook. I am submitting my Zucchini Carbonara, go on Zuc, make mama proud!


rita bellnad said...

You're such a tease ^_^ looks great! well that's just give me an idea for my kids lunch.... thanks ya muach... muach...

Anonymous said...

I love this zucchini dish! Thanks for joining us, Rita!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Rita, what a great idea! a zuccini carbonara, sounds creamy and delicious! Thank you for you yummy dish for the Festa!

Dwiana P said...

meatball ini kegemaran suami ku say, tapi gk yg spicy yah.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi rita,
yes, super easy, and such a crow pleaser...i can't wait to make one with kecap manis, indonesian style heheh

hi maryann and marie,
let's partee!

to dwiana, ah suamimu ga doyan pedesh yah? hmm kalo biji cabenya dibuang semua ga pedes kok, cuman cakep doang merah2 kikiki

tigerfish said...

Cilantro cilantro...I just had a cilantro post too! I think your spicy cilantro meatballs would be delicious! But I'm not a fan of zucchini. :O

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi tigerfish, i loveee cilantro, it's weird, considering how i hated cilantro when i was younger (my taste evolved a lot)...now i grew to love zucchini hehe, maybe you will too someday? :)