Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cute Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

Easter Craft & Easter Chocolate
Here's what we made for OB's Easter arts & crafts  homework. A paper cup Easter bunny family!

Easter Craft & Easter Chocolate
I surely designed the mom (me) to be the cutest! Ahem.
Rosy cheeks & on-trend skirt ftw ^_^
I am super guilty of not letting OB touch this one apart from coloring the ears and sticking the ears and "hands" on the paper cup.

Easter Craft & Easter Chocolate
This cutie pie is the kid (OB). OB colored this one (we used water color) and stuck the ears and hands.
Please excuse the mistake on the nose.

Easter Craft & Easter Chocolate
The bunny dad's pretty special. He has a permanent angry expression on his face and he's holding a teeny tiny wire hanger. It doesn't mean that SC is super domestic and always does the laundry, but it is something SC uses to threaten to spank OB with when he's naughty (SC doesn't really spank him laa - he only spanks the furniture), and OB requested me to make the tiny wire hanger as the bunny dad's "accessory".

Ahem. This story will not make a great impression of us at school (or anywhere). But it is the truth.

So, here's our little happy easter bunny family!
Easter Craft & Easter Chocolate

Since the school requires us to make something we can hang, I made a tiny cross on top of the bunny's heads with cutter and string them together using a leftover shoelace. Make a knot under each hole to make them stay put.
Easter Craft & Easter Chocolate
What you'll need:

  • Paper cups
  • Fairly thick paper (we used an unused box)
  • Colorings (water color/marker/pencil/crayon)
  • Glue
  • Some sort of string/ribbon
  • Any "accessories" from unused items
Parents tips:
Try to involve the kids as much as possible, I am 100% guilty of not keeping OB involved in drawing the faces. He is actually capable of drawing faces, they will only be a tad zombie-like. 

Happy crafting!
Make something cute :)


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The hanger story is hilarious!!

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