Friday, April 25, 2014

Sinchon Korean BBQ & Fried Chicken, Tsim Sha Tsui

This type of Korean BBQ places is so hawttttt right now. Thanks to recent craze of kpop & kdramas ;) 

We're happy to have stumbled into this new place near the fried chicken place with crazy queue (Lee's family) - I don't do queues! The cute place serves BBQ, some cooked dishes & fried chicken. 

We ordered a serving of beef. Generous serving, tender & tasty.

Our server helped us cooking it to charred but juicy perfection.

Hello, beautiful combo of flavors! Come to mama.
You guys might notice that I didn't add any raw garlic in here. I super dislike raw garlic... Hehehe. 

The BBQ pan was changed after every single serving is cooked. No burnt pan ;)

We ordered spicy marinated pork too.

Not bad, but I love the beef more.
The meaty meal's served with various small side dishes (banchan). Mostly are refreshing pickled vegetables to balance out the meat. 

Thanks to the recent kdrama "My Love From Another Star", SC had to have fried chicken & beer. So we ordered a mix of sweet spicy & plain.
I love that the sweet spicy one has light dressing, not as sticky sweet as the one from the famous Lee's family. The batter & the chicken could do with more seasoning, my dead taste buds find them underseasoned :)

And of course, we had to have the chicken with beer - thanks to the drama. I still prefer my chicken with iced coke though...

The drama crazed SC.

The BBQ place's walls are full of kdrama pics. Too cute.

We had a ridiculous amount of food for just the two of us, we had to take away the chicken. The food's reasonably priced. Too bad they don't take reservations. So, go early :)

Sinchon BBQ Korean Style
Shop B, G/F Woon Lee Commercial Building
7-9 Austin Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui, KLN
Hong Kong


WokandSpoon said...

That was definitely food porn! The photos look really tasty! I haven't been to those Korean BBQ places but will have to look out for them here.

Sharon Loh said...

Korean BBQ is one of the best! :9
Those meats are sooo inviting OMG!