Monday, April 14, 2014

Signs That Your Man Is Crazy About K Dramas

He suddenly wanted chicken & beer instead of chicken & coke...

He suddenly wanted jajangmyeon instead of Indomie Goreng as midnight snack..

He went for HK$68 kimchi ramyun breakfast instead of HK$29 Satay Beef Nissin Noodle set.

I am speechless for the next ones...

He's definitely gone kdrama kpop cray cray.
All thanks to the recently crazy popular drama My Love From Another Star :D


Belinda said...

Hahahaahaa.......bisaannn aja lo Rit! Ternyata lao gong demen ama drama korea juga yaaa....apa gara2 elo demen nonton, dia jadi ikut2an? Hehehe

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Belinda, tadinya dia gak suka... made fun of others who like k-drama. Tp abis serial itu dia ketularan deh ;)

Michelle said...

I am a long time follower (but veryyy seldom commenter *sorry*) and it's been such a wonderful thing to see you and your family develop and grow over the years. I love your blogs and hope you keep blogging for a long time yet!

THAT said, I felt compelled to comment because I think its the most adorable thing that SC is so into kdramas especially My Love From Another Star! And everything he's doing in this post is basically me haha.

Anyway, I'll stop being creepy now. All best! :D