Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hearty & Creamy Chinese Soup - Fish, Tofu, Coriander & Century Eggs

Chinese fish, tofu, coriander & century eggs soup
I am not normally excited about Chinese soups but this one had me going gaga! (Sorry, I spent too much time trying to buy tickets to Lady Gaga's concert this morning. All sold out. I didn't get one. I'll have to scream & dance to the fancam videos on youtube later)

It's so creamy from the fish, hearty from all the chunks of velvety smooth century eggs and tofu, and the coriander made the whole thing so refreshing. I adore! I asked SC's mom for the recipe and it goes pretty much like this...
Chinese fish, tofu, coriander & century eggs soup
Pan fry your favorite fish. Add some rice wine, add water, bring to boil. Add tofu cubes and century eggs pieces. Season with salt and white pepper, add (lots of) coriander only at the last minute to keep them green.



mochaccinoland said...

i'm the opposite. i love love love chinese soups! can't live without them in fact. i have yet to try this soup. usually i dun like fish based soup as they tend to be a little fishy... but this one looks good. probably bcos i like coriander, century eggs and tofu! :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks hearty and healthy! I guess the fish was covered by the tofu.

tigerfish said...

I can go excited over Chinese soups including this one cos I have not tried such a combination before. However, not easy to get good-quality century eggs here and (don't ask me to make my own :o)