Monday, September 19, 2011

Hong Kong Beef Offal, Wonton & Fishball Noodle Soup

Fishball Noodles, Beef Offal & Wonton Noodle Shop
I couldn't remember the last time I had beef brisket/wonton/fishball noodle soup, and finally, when SC and I had a chance to go out (thank God for grandma & grandma who are always willing to babysit...)...we went all crazy and ordered loadsss of food.

Beef stomach & brisket noodle soup
My favorite...beef stomach and beef brisket with flat noodles.

Beef brisket and fried fish cake ends rice noodle soup
SC's picks...beef brisket and fried fish cake ends with flat rice noodles (hor fun).

Wonton soup
A bowl of wonton soup. Big, juicy juicy shrimp wontons.

Water Spinach with fermented bean curd sauce
Obligatory veggie, we picked water spinach in fermented beancurd sauce. I love how the veggie is tender enough but still green and not butchered, and they're pretty generous with the sauce. I slathered my noodles in this sauce too. Yummm~!

And my favorite from this particular shop...
Deep Fried fish skin
...the deep fried fish skin! Very thin, crispy, and not stinky at all!

If only I could bring home this whole container...
Deep Fried Fish Skin
Now, this shop is not necessarily my favorite, but it's near my home, and it's good enough to satisfy my cravings. I have yet to find time to visit my favorite shop in Mongkok. I'll do a post once I had a chance.

Meanwhile, have a yummy week, everyone!


Razlan said...

Sometimes, the simplest food is the best. I had similar dishes elsewhere in Sheung Wan (Hollywood Road, roadside stall) and they were delicious! Particularly love fermented beancurd. Why is it such an acquired taste?

tigerfish said...

My favorite is beef tendon...hee heee...right now (to help me heal, again) but it's not easy to find beef tendon soup/stew here. They always have beef stomach soup (which I don't really like) though.

Love fried fish skin too! That is even harder (or impossible?) to find here...

Little Corner of Mine said...

That fish skin really look crispy! The last time I had a shrimp wonton in Hong Kong, it gave me an allergy. :P

Joanne said...

I'm super impressed by your offal extravaganza!

Steph said...

Jealous! I really need to get my ass to Hong Kong!

Lady G said...

Those wontons looks so good.