Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best Weekday Lunch Picnic Ever! Hong Kong Park x Simplylife

Yesterday was the last day SC and I worked in the same office. We had our farewell weekday lunch together, and it was perfect.
Hong Kong Park Lunch
We had the perfect spot.

Hong Kong Park Lunch
And the weather was perfect.
24C, cool breeze, no rain.

And we bought our favorite takeaway lunch.
Hong Kong Park Lunch
Two choices of dishes with rice and burgers with fries. Yum!

Hong Kong Park Lunch
Pork with vinegar sauce and eggplants with fragrant minced pork. Absolutely delicious.

Hong Kong Park Lunch Burger Fries
Chili burger with spicy fries. One of my favorite burgers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Park Lunch
The chili bit just added extra umph to the whole thing.

Hong Kong Park Lunch Fries
And those little specks of heat?
As if I needed fries to be more addictive...T_T

Hong Kong Park Lunch
Spicy fries + mustard + ketchup.
Carbtastic heaven.

After lunch, we strolled around the beautiful park...
Hong Kong Park
...not hand-in-hand. Pffft. We're not cheesy like that.

Imagine this scene.
The girl crouched down, almost falling into the pond trying to photograph lotus flowers...
Hong Kong Park Lotus

...and the guy's busy with his iPhone.
Of course. We're romantic like that.
Hong Kong Park
Wishing SC all the best with his PMP exam today and the start of his new job tomorrow ^_^


Jay said...

wow...wat a lovely post..:)
Tasty Appetite

Little Corner of Mine said...

What a nice date with your hubby! I can see a toad in the last pic. :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

ching! you've got eagle eyes! I can't believe I didn't see it! lols

babe_kl said...

i really love the environmental friendly paper box for rice, we still uses styrofoam here *bleh*

Ta-chan said...

This post is sweeter than a kid eating candy! Love how you capture all the memories... Good luck to SC!

Joanne said...

You guys take the best lunch breaks!

shellie said...

looks wonderful i wish i had sc's the the pictures of the pond you two sound like my husband and me. i always have the camera and he is always playing on his phone.

T like BubbleTea said...

My biggest pet peeve on food blog especially in HK is the very poor quality of photographs but your are not just very good they actually tell a story! Very cool blog!

charlotte said...

super cute post and love the burger too :)

Arudhi said...

Oh...why not hand-in-hand?! :DD I have a similar picture of lotus leaves and I thought they look like green pacmans floating on the pond :p The very best of luck for your SC, Rita!

heidi said...

how lovely!. I wish i could steal my hubs from his job and have a picnic lunch date once in a while.

that burger, girl, i´m hungry now!.

suckersdream said...

omg yummmm