Friday, August 12, 2011

Light Dinner? Bellota Ham Open Sandwiches

Bellota Ham
One fine weekend, a good friend of mine came over and she brought goodies. Whew, and what goodies she brought, two packs of Bellota ham! Let's just say that our plan to have a light dinner was effectively ruined.

We devoured the ham with chunks of sweet melon and with slices of goat cheese...

Bellota Ham, Goat Cheese & Salad on Toast
And we also made sandwiches. Slices of sourdough; salad lightly dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice, goat cheese and the ham. Still sounds like a light dinner?

Ahem, we consumed our melon ham and sandwiches with this roasted corn, coriander and chicken soup..
Roasted Corn, Coriander & Chicken Soup

...and glasses of this bastardized Sangria
Red Wine, Fruits & Soda Drink - Sangria?

...and this coffee cream soda granita
Coffee Cream Soda Granita

Anyway, gotta go stuff my face soon, diet's off on weekends. Yippie!
Happy Friday & happy weekend, everyone!


mochaccinoland said...

fabulous dinner! those ham looks wonder!! i could do with some of those sandwiches and sangria now!!! super hungry!!!

Sam said...

Wow your photos of food are so pro! I could get some tips from you!
Diets in HK? That's oxymoronic. :P


Little Corner of Mine said...

Simple and great dinner it turned out to be.

Joanne said...

Who cares about LIGHT when you have food like that around!

Luatica said...

THat kind of ham is sooooo goooooooood. I also like how the coffee granita looked like.

shellie said...

oh well at least it was something absolutely delicious