Monday, August 15, 2011

Black Truffle Paste Fried Rice

Black Truffle Paste Fried Rice
My lazy Sunday lunch.
The lunch was a lazy type, but the day couldn't be further from a lazy day.

It was a crazy Sunday, as always.
- Helper's off
- Crying baby
- Crying baby who wouldn't stop crying
- SC claiming that he couldn't make the baby stop crying
- A small dinner gathering
- Multiple trips to supermarkets (I should've made a list!)
- No aircon until about 5.30pm (SC's energy saving/health policy, thank God our flat's pretty breezy)
- Sweaty chopping & cooking sessions
- A fun dinner
- Tiramisu making
- Good bad Sunday TV

I was trying to fit a homemade lunch in between, hence the lazy fried rice.
(serves 2)
- 2 bowls of leftover rice (I use a mix of Japanese short grain & Chinese brown rice)
- 3 heaping teaspoons of black truffle pate (or more if you want)
- butter, olive oil, salt, pepper
Heat up butter and a bit of olive oil in a non stick frying pan, add rice, mix about and cook until heated through. Turn of the heat, add black truffle pate, mix well, season with salt and pepper, serve.

You can add shaved black truffle if you have some lying around (I obviously didn't), and you can serve this as a side dish of a meaty main course with salad.

Today is again a crazy Monday. I'll try to enjoy it.
Over and out.


pickyin @ LifeIsGreat said...

Hats off to you Rita, with baby screaming still there's a dinner gathering and homemade tiramisu! *bows*

ann low said...

hehee Rita, how about a swap? I posted something black today :D

Joanne said...

Truffle paste = heaven.

t said...

Looks good!

daphne said...

Crazy monday is over! Now to the tuesday... so this rice looks sooo appealing to me.

tigerfish said...

Crazy day well-managed! Woohoo!

Janine said...

Wow you had a crying baby and you managed to make all those yummy things! Especially love how you managed to make something so common like rice and elevated it with just black truffle paste! can't imagine how decadent it tasted!

Londyn said...

That looks so simple but AMAZING!

為食公關 said... looks so delicous! Awesome...