Thursday, October 1, 2009

Park & Shop Takeaway Dinner - Sometimes I Wonder Why Do I Even Cook

Some people wonder why the heck do I bother to cook at home when I live in a food paradise. I've stated
my arguments before, but a recent takeaway dinner from Park 'n Shop got me wondering too.

I was too tired after a day of crazy shopping with my sis, I couldn't be bothered to cook or even dine out. Plus, we had to bring some food to feed my mama, who was abandoned stayed at home to nap while we emptied our wallets in shopping malls. So, I've decided to try Park 'n Shop's cooked dishes...and oh gosh!

The dishes are tasty and wonderfully cheap!

We bought a generous portion of grilled chicken with garlic flakes.
The meat was tender, juicy and tasty...the skin...oh the skin...crisp from a few minutes of oven reheating, with bits of garlic flakes. It was perfection, and it costs only HK$27 (around USD3.5)!

The BBQ Ribs was tasty but the meat wasn't as tender as we'd like...but it's great for just HK$17 (around USD2.2)

My sis isn't a fan of eggplants. Well, she hates them to the bone, but I was sure that this one's gonna convert her. The classic spicy eggplants with minced meat...was super delicious! OK, it was a bit greasy, but that made it taste even more wonderful with steamed rice.
Yum!...and it costs just HK$17 (around USD2.2)

All I did at home was reheating (some of the dishes were even still hot/warm) and do a simple vegetable dish. It's so simple, it's ridiculous.
It's baby pak choy in chicken broth.
- 1 lb baby pak choy
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 1 cup chicken stock
- olive oil, a bit of white pepper
Saute garlic in olive oil, add baby pak choy, stir fry until they're a little bit wilted, pour chicken stock and cook until the vegetables achieve your desired level of tenderness. For me, no more seasonings necessary except a bit of white pepper.

Nice and clear, perfect to accompany the rich tasting dishes.

...all the tastiness were consumed with a mix of white and brown rice.

Maybe I should turn my kitchen into a walk in closet to store more shoes...


Anonymous said...

Mannn I wish good food was as cheap here as Asia :( bring me some pleaseee ^^! kthx!

KennyT said...

OMIGOD, I never had the guts to buy those cooked food from Park'n Shop coz I thought I might end up wasting the food. Now you got me intrigued to try those stuff, the chicken sounds yum.

So, what have you bought from shopping malls? Do your mom and sister enjoy their stay here? The air's not too stuffy for them?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

FFichiban, hmm I used to eat AUD1.90 rolls of sushi or AUD5 take away boxes when I was there hehehe...a poor student...

kenny, yes the chicken was super delicious...they offer a few variations, i plan to try them all hehe

my mom and sis are from indonesia, so they are totally used to hot and stuffy air hehehe, anyway we stayed in air conditioned places most of the time, except when we can leave mama at home watching korean serials while we go to fa yuen st market hehe

tigerfish said...

Wah, good food and so cheap!

daphne said...

hehe. the walk in robe is a good idea!

Maya said...

This is exactly what goes through my mind when I am home in Malaysia! More time to shop!!

Lisa said...

Oh, my goodness. I'd be eating that takeout every night of the week! Lucky you to have found it. The chicken, especially. :) Jealous over here!

Little Corner of Mine said...

It's really cheap there! If I work, I might not cook as much and just takeaway dinner on week days. Not here of course, here everything is more expensive.

AnniesCateringMelbourne said...

Takeaways are wonderful, but I guess sometimes you got bored and just want to stay at home and eat cooked food! Anyway, those take aways looks super delicious!!! Slurpss..

zenchef said...

HK is the best food city in the world!! So cheap, so good. Grilled chicken with garlic flakes.. mmmmm

I just wait until you empty a closet so i can move in with you (and your boyfriend). *sigh*