Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teatime at Bistro Delifrance - Baked Roasted Chicken Mushroom & Cheese Baguette

I've been trying not to post any of my dining out experiences unless it's extra special.
Plus, I guess you might not be interested in seeing McDonald's or KFC posts too often, right?
Plus (I like using the word "plus", it sounds kinda...positive. Heeehe), although I believe in keeping it real, I secretly worry that people might judge me for frequenting places which are "too normal" such as Fairwood, Cafe de Coral, local coffee shops (char chan teng) and eating food which are "too normal", such as...ehm...burgers/fried chicken. I consider things from Delifrance a little too normal to be blog-worthy too.

But this time, what the heck, this Roasted Chicken Mushroom and Cheese Baguette from
Delifrance Bistro tea time menu is wayyy to special not to post. If you live in Hong Kong and you haven't tried this baby, please do. It tastes every bit as delicious as it looks.
Tasty chicken, creamy and flavorful sauce, melted cheese on a large piece of crusty baguette...yum! The portion is generous too, it's totally worth the HK$32 (around USD4) price!

The price includes Hong Kong's #1 favorite coffee shop drink, lemon tea (you can also choose coffee/milk tea), add a few bucks to make it cold (essential in summer). The locals love to "kill the lemon", i.e. poke the heck outta the lemon pieces to extract every bit of its lemony-ness. I don't do that...I don't like my lemon tea too bitter, maybe one day, once I completed my evolution into a real Hongkonger, I will.

The Hongkongers love their tea time. Cheaper and more fun than lunch, and at work, bosses often treat their teams some "tea time" if there's something to celebrate...(e.g. winning a new contract, happy clients singing praises to the bigger boss, the biggest bitch of the office quits/fired, the competitor team loses, ahhh...work, sweet work).

Visit delifrance's website for more info.


YaYa said...

Please don't stop posting your excursions into fast food joints and all the fantastic little coffee shops and Chinese snack places, I love being reminded of the fantastic variety available and miss it like crazy!

pigpigscorner said...

The baguette looks so good with the melted cheese!

EatTravelEat said...

You should post more fast food :). Lots of the options you have I do not get to see. And after going to HK for so many years I have still yet to try out Cafe De Coral or any of the famous Chinese fast food places (exception: Kungfu).

I should have thought eating my baguette with cheese, chicken, and mushroom. My mouth is salivating now.

daphne said...

ooo.. yes! I think i can spend my day eating at coffee shops and little tid bits in HK if we go again!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

i hear you guys...i'll post more dining experiences from "normal" places when they serve something special (not just double cheeseburgers hehe)