Friday, September 18, 2009

Snacking at the Movies

First things first.
You're about to see the most horrible pictures ever posted in this blog.
You've been warned.
...and...this is not related to food, but too fabulous not to post...

The fabulous 3D glasses we used watching Final Destination 4.
I thought I was gonna wear those crappy paper 3D glasses, but these were so bitchin'! I love!
If you thought it was gory, try watching it 3D.
Hello screwdrivers, debris, bones, blood coming right to ya.
Oppps sorry. I guess that isn't really appetizing.

What kinda snacks I love to have while watching movies?

Pop corn?
I loathe pop corn.
But every time I smell the buttery caramel scent, I always want to buy some.
Is it because my brain associates the movies with pop corn? Have I been brain washed?
Is it because I see that everyone has a large bucket and I felt left out/uncool if I didn't have one?
What's wrong with me?

Anyway, after I got my box of pop corn...naturally...

I'd fight with all my get the ones which are completely coated with caramel.

In Hong Kong, we aren't allowed to bring our own snacks into cinemas.
The snack counters normally sell, well...pop corn, carbonated drinks, basic local potato chips, hot dogs, sausages and recently, they have started selling popular local snacks such as fish meat siu mai and fishballs.

Rules are made to be broken.

I love smuggling my own snacks to the movies.
My all time favorite includes:
- A whole bucket of KFC hot wings
- McDonald's full value meal, including burger, fries, and all that jazz
- A large bag of ruffles cheddar and sour cream (my favorite potato chips)

Since I had a killer sore throat the last time I devoured a whole bucket of KFC hot wings last time...I tried to bring in (hopefully), a healthier drink...

Sugar cane and sea coconut drink.
Who was I kidding? Judging from the sugar level in the can't be that healthy.

Looking at my proven track record of bringing in chickens etc into the movies, I thought I was so cool...until I saw what the couple seated next to me smuggled last night...

Raw salmon sushi...and they didn't stop there.
They brought extra nori to add on their sushi, fresh and crunchy.
It was a jaw dropping scene, totally distracted me from thinking about the impending screw drivers and bones being thrown right to my face, 3D style.
I could smell it, I could see it, I could hear it. s
I was totally jealous.
Next time I am planning to bring in a whole hot pot meal.

I wish I could take pictures of them sushi and nori....but I was sure they were gonna call 999 on me if I did.
So guys, gotta use your imagination this time.
Make sure it's 3D.


daphne said...

that's hilarious! to bring in sushi! much healthy option though LOL

I love to mix the sweet and salty popcorn! do they hv it there too?

And that is my ultimate fav potato chips too.

Jessica said...

I really am enjoying your posts. Keep it up!

Su-Lin said...

:D This is fabulous! I think the best I've managed to smuggle into a cinema is a bag of crisps or maybe a McDonald's burger. But you guys are seriously gourmet: sushi! hot wings!

Little Corner of Mine said...

We were so used to the sweet popcorn in Asia, until I came here, I realized the American only eat salty popcorn. All popcorn sold in the cinema is salty with extra melted butter! I still prefer the sweet caramel popcorn though.

KennyT said...

Hahahahaha, u were seeing a movie or watching people sitting beside you la?

Lidia Sianturi said...

waduh...nggowo lontong sayur wae Rit kapan2...hahaha...

velops said...

How did you manage to fit a bucket of chicken wings in your bag?

I'm not sure if I would try smuggling sushi. Unless the air conditioner is freezing cold in the theater, I would be hesitant to bring something that can spoil easily.

Cynthia said...

I too smuggle my own snacks into the cinema :)

EatTravelEat said...

You even brought in KFC!?! I don't think I could have smuggled that into the movies. Don't think sushi would worked either.

And I wish the type of popcorn you have is available in the US in the movies. The buttery popcorn is too much! Caramel tastes so much lighter and better.

Livia said...

Hahahahahaha.... u r seriously hillarious.... I brought Burger King whopper, Long John Silver meal,KFC yess... no popcorn though... hot burger is always a welcome kekekekkekekeke

Screamin' Mama said...

I can't go to the movies without getting a huge bucket of popcorn! It's a part of the whole movie experience!

Ravenous Couple said...

we had those same glasses watching cloudy w/ changes of meatballs....we love smuggling!! one time we smuggled vietnamese beef jerky and dried spicy one would want to sit near us! hehe

Anonymous said...

Hahah I love smuggling food into the cinemas (yeah for KFC/mos burger!) but I also like how they have sweet popcorn in Asia! Only salty here :(

Trekkie said...

Cinemas are the same the world over - it's every foodie's right to smuggle food in!!!!!