Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweet Potato Dessert and Pin Pin Noodles at AzabuSabo Tokyo, Causeway Bay

It was 8 pm (dinner time peak hour)...
in Causeway Bay (one of the most crowded district in Hong Kong)....
there were seven of us (not an easy number to get seats in restaurants)...
we didn't make any reservation anywhere (Gasp!)

Should we skip dinner?
Should we head to McDonald's or KFC and harrass dinner patrons to eat quickly and leave their table?
Should we resort to eating something revolting nobody wanted to eat?

Luckily, we found this jewel, hidden on the upper floor of Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay.

Azabusabo Tokyo is famous for its Japanese desserts, but we decided to brave the uncertainty and went for its dessert, because...
because there were seats for a party of seven! :p

How was it?

The pin pin beef noodle soup was absolutely delicious. Thick chewy noodles, tasty, clear broth, with perfectly cooked eggs. Some of our friends ordered ramen and we heard it ain't all that, so, if you felt like noodles, go for this pin pin noodles instead.

The curry beef omelet rice was excellent. The egg was creamy (I HATE overcooked eggs) and the curry beef was delish!

Now...the famous dessert...
I've had desserts at Azabusabo Tokyo a few times...but so far, this is my favorite!

Sweet potato base with ice cream, topped with caramel sauce and cookie crumbs.
Abso-bloody-freaking-lutely HEAVENLY!
Fragrant but not too sweet base, light ice cream, rich caramel sauce and crunchy crumbs. Perfect!
We spent a total of HK$190 (around USD24).

If you love the classic Japanese green tea and red bean flavor combo (which I don't know why but I loathe - sorry guys), they offer lots of those too!

Great food, delicious dessert, plenty of seats....
I'm so going back for between shopping breaks next time.

Oh, I experienced quite a celebrity sighting too last night! Wanna see a Hong Kong movie shoot? Check it out here.

Azabusabo Tokyo
Shop F3, F5 & F7 Fashion Walk
19 Great George Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2882 1582


Little Corner of Mine said...

Sounds so busy over there. Glad that you found a hidden jewel that have seats for all of you. Love the ice-cream.

Anonymous said...

I want that curry beef omelet...:) lucky you to live in the city with variety of ethnic restaurant...:) Erie is sooo desoo....we don't even have a decent chinese restaurant!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

locm, yeah....this japanese eatery is kinda famous here (is there any japanese eatery that isn't famous in hong kong? hehe), and i was surprised to see that it still had a lot of seats..:)

roossy...oh poor thing, but i guess that pushes you to cook more more variety of ethnic food eh? good motivation for learning :)

Karine said...

The ice cream with the sweet potato base sounds so original and delicious!