Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simply Tasty Long Beans Omelette

The day has arrived. The day I've always wondered about.

If only...
- If only I lost my appetite, what would it be like?
- How would it feel to wake up not thinking about breakfast?
- How would it feel to arrive at work not being excited about lunch?
- How would it feel not to be hungry at 11 am, despite the huge breakfast?
- Wouldn't it be nice if for once, I am not eagerly peeking into my lunch box or impatiently waiting for the clock to hit 1 pm?
- What would I do if I didn't search for yummy recipes all day or thought about where to go for dinner? (I should be working)
- Would the office be more quiet and peaceful if my stomach did not grumble every hour?
- Would I be the perfectly petite Hong Kong girl who fits into a pair of size 24 jeans if I didn't finish my second bowl of rice for dinner?
- Would the world be a better place if I didn't crave something sweet with my late evening bad TV programs?

Finally, it happened. The day I lost my appetite.
I was hyper, my heart was racing, I was restless, and most importantly, the whole day, there was no moment where I felt hungry, and I was not excited about food nor did I think about food at all.

What happened to me? Did I fall in love? Was I broken hearted? Not really.
Sous chef said it was probably the heat, but I can never be sure. It's still a mistery.

But...how was it?

Well...it was NO fun!

No matter how great it would be if I didn't enjoy food, loving and being excited about it feels wayyy better.

Here's something simple yet incredibly healthy and tasty, to celebrate our love for food.
Simply Tasty Long Beans Omelette

Sounds weird? I thought so too when I first tried this dish, cooked by sous chef's mom. I was not a fan of long beans, but I was surprised with how tasty it turned out. I am now officially hooked.


- 3 eggs, beaten
- a bunch of long beans, sliced into 3-5mm pieces
- salt, pepper (or fish sauce)
- olive oil

Beat eggs, mix the long beans with the eggs, season well. Heat up wok/frying pan until it's really hot, then pour the mixture. Fry until you get a bit of brownage, the beans will keep the eggs moist. You can add freshly chopped chilli if you want some heat. Serve with steamed rice.

Sigh. The loss of appetite could've been a fantastic way to lose weight, no?


daphne said...

MY favorite. I can eat this everyday! Seriously, that is my comfort food- what grandma cooks for me!

Skinnymum said...

i love to have this with a bowl of porridge, yummy ....

Screamin' Mama said...

Yum! Can you believe the last time I had this was when I lived in HK over 13 years ago! Ahhh...brings back wonderful memories. It really is delicious.

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

Oh my, that day sounds HORRIBLE! ;D

I always find long beans that are cut up into little discs so cute; this is no exception.

MamaFaMi said...

Easy to prepare, yummy to eat!

babe_kl said...

mmm this is our childhood fave! best with rice or congee :D sometimes i even put them in between bread slices!

let's bake together said...

hahaha...i agree.... my grandmom used to make that, and now my mom too. Turun temurun.... hehehehe

Ning said...

No way can you lose your appetite!? We will miss your food as well! :) Delicious and simple omelette!

tigerfish said...

I like this with plain rice porridge! Yummy!

allie said...

I used to eat this when I was a kid. I just realised that it's been quite sometime I didn't eat this dish. You bring back lots of my childhood memories. :)

Jacktels Kochbuch said...

Delicious !!!

Estee Ng said...

hihi i can totally relate with you! i have spent all my life wondering what i will be eating next but for the past 5 months (i got pregnant), i have officially lost my appetite. And its no fun at all!! I even cry about it. haha. The thrill of tasty food outweighs the thrill of losing weight! I want my appetite back.