Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creamy, Sweet, Tangy, Spicy, Hearty - Minced Meat, Pineapple & Eggplant in Coconut Milk

Somehow, the title of this post kinda reminds me of Spice Girls.
Imagine Creamy Spice, Sweet Spice, Tangy Spice, and Hearty Spice. Spicy?

Ehm, that brought back memories of another thing something I am not proud of...

When I was young, the five of us, my sis, my cousins and I, love love LOVE, a Japanese series Google V. It's a team of 5 heroic characters, fighting various world destroying baddies. We loved the series so much, we watched the series again and again (It was the time when videos were still in! Gowd, I am old) we sang the songs, we remember the tag lines, we remember which bad guys did what, we could imitate the moves/routines, the weapons, the transformation into robot, the robot's moves/routines and the final weapon (which worked every time, I am now wondering why they didn't use it straight away to kill the monster. oh yeah, there would be no series if they did that. gotcha).

We were a bunch of hopeless, geeky, nerdy freaks!

Everyone got to choose their own character. My chubby sis was goggle yellow, my girly cousin was goggle pink, both my boy cousins snatched the blue and the black, just because there were their favorite colors, and I was stuck being red. Actually, I didn't mind as the guy playing goggle red was kinda hot, although my major childhood crush was really...goggle blue.

Why am I feeling more like a loser each time I typed one more word into this post...

Anyway, that was then. My fun filled childhood.

Now, if creamy, sweet, tangy, spicy and hearty are characters out of spice girls or any group/band, I would have a major hard time choosing a character, cos I love 'em all and I like mixing 'em all up in one easy peasy dish, such as this one...

Creamy, Sweet, Tangy, Spicy, Hearty Minced Meat, Pineapple, and Eggplant in Coconut Milk

- 1 lb minced meat (I used pork, but chicken will work too)
- 1 pineapple, remove core, cut into bite sized chunks
- 1 eggplant, cut into bite sized chunks
- a box of 200ml coconut cream
- 4 cloves of garlic, crushed
- 4 cloves of shallot, thinly sliced
- 3 red chilli, chopped
- olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar
- 1 sprig of spring onion or corriander, chopped (garnish)
- crispy fried shallot (garnish, optional)

Saute garlic, shallot, and chilli in olive oil until fragrant, add minced meat, cook for a while until it changed color a bit, add eggplants and pineapple, add seasonings, cook covered until eggplants are cooked through, add coconut milk, mix well, garnish with freshly chopped corriander/spring onion and crispy shallot. Serve hot with steamed rice or between two slices of bread of your choice.

Creamy, sweet, tangy, spicy, hearty.

Now tell me, who was your action hero childhood crush?


Anonymous said...

HAHA awesommee! What a tasty sounding/looking dish but the annecdote topped it :P
Hee hee dw I am still geeky/nerdy :P

YaYa said...

Oh this looks so delicious, I will try it this weekend!

eliza said...

keliatannya enak banget nih...
aku dulu gila superman :D eh, udah gedean dikit malah milih batman :D


Excellent recipes, wonderful pictures! I love your blog, I've put it in my blog list.

EatTravelEat said...

A perfect dish which matches perfectly with your childhood story. I can definitely imagine all the yummy flavors from this dish! Now...a bowl of rice pretty please?

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

We go way back to the Star Rangers. ;) (Oh my goodness, I'm old!)

Kevin said...

This sounds really good. I like the pineapple and coconut cream combo.

Ning said...

This dish would be perfect with lots and lots of rice! (which is not good for my expanding waistline...)

Cakelaw said...

Gorgeous photos of this dish Rita.

Cynthia said...

Oh hon, you make some of the most delicious and awesome combo and the pics speak volumes!

dewi said...

hate the eggplant (as always).
love the pinapple.
love the coconut cream.

miss goggle v so much much.