Monday, June 8, 2009

Malaysian Bakuteh at Restoran Kee Heong - The Dumbass who Brought Cup Noodles to A Food Paradise

Who's the dumbass who brought 8 days worth of cup noodles and soy joy supplies into a food paradise?
Ehm, me, myself and I.

I knew that Malaysia is heaven for food lovers, but learning that a colleague even brought a rice cooker for this work trip, I was worried that we were gonna have our exhibition in a venue that's in the middle of nowhere, with no nearby restaurants, no minimarkets, the only protein we could get might be the mosquitoes who happened to be unfortunate enough to fly by us, and getting our daily intake of fibre might involve gnawing some old tree trunks by the venue. Plus, we were worried that our ass might be super glued to our exhibition site (which normally runs from early morning to the next morning) and we wouldn't have time to even look at the mosquitoes and the trees.

As always, I couldn't be more wrong.

There are plenty of good food near the stadium where we held our exhibition, and after the event, our graceful local host, Mr. A brought us to fantastic places to indulge, and one of them is...

Bakuteh at Restoran Kee Heong - Klang

The first thing which caught my eyes were these cute tea sets and hot metal tea pots on gas burners.

...then the friendly regulars who didn't get pissed seeing me pointing my camera to them, they even made V signs for my benefit.

Wasn't it just too hot for hot tea? Yes. But we really needed the hot tea to neutralise what we were about to eat.

The metal pots contains hot water, it is for you to refill your tea pots. Handle with care.

We were given a basketful of tea leafs packets, we selected Pu-Erh, an all time favorite.

...and the chilli padi. These are not for the faint of heart. They're super HOT!

I haven't tried a Dry Bakuteh before, and I heard this place makes an exceptionally delicious one. I saw this pot, and I had no doubt that I'd love it. Even when the meat pieces were long gone, we were still scraping the pot and clean the sauce.

We also ordered a large pot of Bakuteh (braised pork in spices), pictured at the beginning of this post, all the goodnesses were hidden under the humble pieces of lettuce. Super tender, juicy and flavorful pork meat, tofu puffs, and beancurd sheets. They were perfect with plates of fragrant onion rice.

By the time we almost finished, I was drenched down to my undies, gave up and ordered iced tea. Lame, eh?

The owner told us that if only we were there earlier, we could've enjoyed the imperial cut of meat, and the special soup, which is strictly for regulars. Wow. Maybe next time.

What happened to my cup noodles? They didn't go to waste, they were adopted and will be enjoyed by our colleagues from the Philippines.

Restoran Kee Heong
Tel: +60123243838
Klang, Kuala Lumpur


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yummy. I miss the dry bak kut teh! You know, Klang is famous for bak kut teh, when I go back, I also go to Klang to eat bak kut teh. :)

Chris said...

Kee Heong is my favourite. Even after much of the soup, you wouldn't feel thirsty...