Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sponsored Post: K-Food & CN Blue Video Plus My Kimchi Ramyun Omelette

Are you a fan of Korean food? Do you remember your first Korean food experience? Mine sent me back years ago when I was studying in Sydney. I lived with Korean flatmates, and one of them is an amazing cook. She introduced me to homemade Korean food. I remember the flat always smelling of kimchi as my flatmates made a huge batch and we always had our fridges full of them. Interestingly, I was not in love with Korean food in the beginning, I was probably not as adventurous an eater as I am now. The thing that really got me hooked was… Shin Ramyun instant noodles (well, of course – isn’t it the official international student food?). We always had boxes of ramyun to survive on a student budget, and I still eat them often - up until now :)

I love Korean food a lot more now – thanks to my obsession with Kpop & Kdramas. Anyone with me on this? Tell me I am not the only mad and obsessed ahjumma here. Whenever I see my idols slurping a bowl of ramyun… (I don’t wanna finish this sentence, can you finish it for me?)

Here’s a video of one of my favorite Kpop groups, CN Blue – promoting Korean food. My bias is Jung YongHwa – liked him since You Are Beautiful (I love rooting for the underdogs), and he looks so charming in this video – especially on 00:47 mark where he’s promoting Citron tea. Cuteee! Are you a CN Blue fan? Who’s your bias?

Apart from enjoying my ramyun as per the cooking instructions with a lot of sinful toppings, I also love turning it into an omelette.
Kimchi Ramyun with Spam Omelette

Very easy and tasty. Perfect for breakfasts or cut into smaller portion as a snack. I added kimchi, spam, and cheese too. My favorite combo!
Kimchi Ramyun Omelette Ingredients

Kimchi Ramyun with Spam Omelette
The perfect snack for watching more Kshows and Kdramas 
A cup of citron tea would be lovely too.

“This post has been sponsored by Korean Department for Agriculture and Trade, but all thoughts are my own"


Anonymous said...

I m a big fan of kdramas and korean food too and am,super love shin ramyun

Jackie Brodin said...

Whenever I see my idols slurping a bowl of ramyun, I want to kiss his ramyun flavoured lips :) nomnomnom and do bad things to him. Xoxo From the kdrama ajhumma :)

irene said...

I loveeee both K-food and CNBLUE. Can't get enough of both LOL. my bias is JongHyun, it's nice to know that I'm not the only obsessed fan of CNBLUE and ramyeon here! :)

χαλκιδα said...

very beautiful food

Catherine Kosasih said...

hey! what camera do you use? I love your blog!! I am also starting a food blog, inspired by you. check out mine! :D

Dian said...

I love CNBLUE, and haven't tried many Korean foods. I only have tasted kimchi. But I love is the important part of my comment. I love their songs, their live performance. I just love them.. I can't pick one of them to be my bias.