Monday, January 7, 2013

Shirokuma Japanese Curry, Tsing Yi - Super Yummy! Must Try!

Shirokuma Curry, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong
Too yummy not to mention! This is a beef burger curry (two huge burger patties), served on top of rice, with dark curry sauce and melted creamy cheese sauce. HEAVEN!

Shirokuma Curry, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong
A huge pork ball served on top of moist, perfectly cooked omelette, on a bed of rice, drenched in pork curry sauce with creamy melted cheese. OMG! Too yummy to be true! Very satisfying!

Shirokuma Curry, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong
Their desserts are lovely too! This is Hokkaido milk ice cream served with strawberries, blueberries, chocolate corn balls, and mango. There are green tea ones too. Absolutely heavenly!

The place is kids friendly too, they provide baby seats and kids utensils, and the servers would tell the kids to finish their food first before they can enjoy the desserts. They have an ice cream counter too if you don't feel like curry. WE ADORE THIS PLACE!

The only small thing is.. you have to wait to get seats. My solution would be... be the early birds. Or while one parent wait, the other can bring the kid to play the toy cars near Log-On. For couples, well you can either do some extreme public display of affection, or play with your own phone until you get your table.

Shirokuma Curry
Shop 218A, 2/F Maritime Square, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2432 9988 (too bad you can't book)
The other branch is in Tuen Mun.
About HK$100 per person for curry + dessert to share


Sycookies said...

Curry and HK. I really miss HK food.

Maria said...

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely pictures and remarks; I have never been to Hong Kong but I am enjoying every bit of your writing and your picture.