Tuesday, April 3, 2012

YUMMY Eats from Bangkok

I haven't been cooking much.
I just got back from a business trip to Bangkok...and I surely blew my diet, but it's totally worth it (no point dieting when on trip right? Everything I ate in Bangkok = ZERO calorie?)

So, here are some links of the absolute deliciousness I had in Bangkok. I didn't do much research on where I should go, etc. I submitted myself thoroughly under the tender loving care of my local coworkers who are all awesome!

Hugest, sweetest, springiest prawns with charcoal smoky goodness!
Ob Aroi Seafood Bangkok

Yummiest mango sticky rice ever!
Ob Aroi Seafood Bangkok
These are from Ob Aroi seafood restaurant, more pics and info here.

Here's Greyhound Cafe's (I went to the one in Central Chidlom) new chocolate and salted caramel cake...
Greyhound Cafe Central Chidlom Bangkok
I adore their crab and corn fritters too!
More pics and info here.

Unbelievably yummy grilled pork, served with rice, refreshing broth, spicy sour chilli sauce and fragrant herbs.
TOT Canteen Bangkok
I also had a huge bowl of tomyum goong, which was not red at all.
More pics and info here.

It was also my first time trying home-cooked Sri Lankan food from the only Sri Lankan eatery in Bangkok. This Chinese-Lanka shrimp dish is out of this world! My favorite from the night, along with coconut sambal and hoppers. Adore!
Manel Lanka Restaurant Bangkok
More info and pics here.

If you visit Bangkok, give them a try na~!


gastronomous anonymous said...

OMG that mango sticky rice looks divine! must.visit.bangkok soon!

noobcook said...

lucky me, I'm going bangkok soon, will try the seafood place and TOT Canteen if I can find the location hehe... and yes, strictly no diet - during weekends (include Fri), public holidays and overseas trips hehe

Mochachocolata Rita said...

the TOT canteen is near chidlom BTS station

Veny said...

feel regret I cancelled trip to BKK recently huhhhhh
BKK/Thailand food paradise .. so yummy n cheaper than HK , isnt it ?

mochaccinoland said...

*wiping off my drool*

i'm glad u chucked your diet aside when in bangkok else it would such a waste! food haven!!!

daphne said...

yes, agree! holidays are CHEAT days!!! That looks fab and so glad you had a great break ;)

Joanne said...

what happens in bangkok stays in bangkok. that's a law.

I'm SO craving sticky rice now!

Little Corner of Mine said...

So yummy! Make me miss my Malaysian food.

WokandSpoon said...

Those prawns look huge!

Steph said...

mmm! amazing!!