Friday, April 9, 2010

Ramen Lunch at Wakayama, IFC, Central

I heard so much about this place, and since I am always in search for a good ramen place in Hong Kong, I dragged sc's ass to give this high-end ramen joint a try.

Mind you, sc and I aren't exactly fond of, nor fit the term high-end very well :P

What happens when we put an iPhone freak + 3G Internet access + not-knowing-what-to-order together?

You get SC browsing to see did others order and what did they love.

We are suckers for meal sets, so we went for their lunch sets, a bowl of ramen + a side dish.
The side dishes...

Gyoza (Japanese dumplings)...they're ok, nothing out of the ordinary.

My favorite, karaage (deep fried chicken), flavorful and crispy, but you get good karaage very easily in Hong Kong. So, again, nothing special.

Are we paying high prices for a bunch of nothing-specials?

Let's see if their ramen lived up to our high expectation.

The soft bone pork ramen may look ever so humble and ordinary...

...but it is anything but ordinary.
My photograph may not do the noodle justice. It's really wonderfully springy, cooked to perfection. The broth's flavorful, and the pork...


The tender was it?

So tender...

A large chunk of it fell right back into the bowl when sc was "posing" it for photographs.


Pretending to be Going high-end, I decided to order the most expensive ramen on the menu. The wagyu beef ramen. The same wonderful noodles, the same flavorful broth (I should've chosen a different broth. Opps), perfectly done egg, different sort of vegetables from the ones you get from random ramen shops...and of course...

Tha beef!

Tender, juicy, beautiful, flavorful, delicious slices of beef.
Don't try to eat the beef too rare, let them "cook" in the broth for a bit and they'll get even more tender, juicy and delicious.
For me, this bowl of ramen absolutely lived up to its high-end price tag (around HK$1xx per lunch set).
Totally worth it!

Wakayama Japanese Restaurant
Unit 3020, 3/F, IFC Mall, IFC Mall, Central
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2295 1221


Su-Lin said...

My friend is moving to HK and I've sent her your blog as a good guide to the food! :) This place looks absolutely amazing - love the look of that pork!

Little Corner of Mine said...

The noodle does look springy and delicious! I like the fall off the bone ribs and so glad that the food fit the price tag. Strangely, there is no ramen soup in where I lived.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

That ramen looks so good. I love fall apart tender pork. What does SC know? Looks waaay better than Ajisen. :P

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm tender tender pork and tender tender wagyu, yuummmmm!! I really craving ramen now haha

EatTravelEat said...

HAHA iPhone. I do the same thing but with food blogs :). Giant soft bone= YUM! Should visit when I go to Hong Kong, hopefully this August.