Friday, April 16, 2010

Dry Kimchi Nongshim Ramyun - Korean Dry Instant Noodles

my #1 guilty pleasure, Indomie Goreng?
Finally. Nongshim made a dry version of their kimchi instant noodles, which is my #1 favorite instant noodle soup.

PS. In case you're wondering, nobody's holding me at gun point or paying me to write this. I am really just a truly Indomie Goreng and Nongshim noodles fanatic :D

If you love Nongshim noodles and you saw this package...

...grab it.

Actually, I didn't get to try this noodle, due to my current extreme aversion to strong flavors, such as garlic. SC gave it a try, and while he was inhaling the bowl, I could smell all the things I didn't wanna smell (one of them = garlic), from a meter away.

I strongly suggest NOT to eat this before or during dates.
Unless you plan to always stand at least 3m away from your date (restraining order?), or your date has a chronic sinusitis/fully blocked nose.

I added a couple of pork dumplings and freshly chopped corriander because...when it comes to noodles, I don't do plain.

Take a look at this chewy, springy, tasty goodness...

...I can't wait to give it a go.

Meanwhile, you'd have to trust SC on this one.
His verdict?

The empty bowl says it all.

He even said that this could be a strong competition to my favorite Indomie Goreng.
Whatttt???!!! The little nationalist girl inside me screamed "Nooooo...."


Su-Lin said...

Oh wow - definitely have to look out for this one!

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

Ooooh. I love Nongshim instant noodles... and now this new dry version. Wonder if it's available here in Vancouver. I love Indomie Goreng too... So I think we have the same taste in instant noodles! =D

Little Corner of Mine said...

We are Indomie Goreng fans too. Always have a box at home. :) Now I would love to try this Nongshim that you recommended.

diva said...

This brand of instant ramyun is my fav! I've not tried the dry one but ooh, guilty pleasure for sure!

tigerfish said...

I like that last photo: did he just "boomerang" that bowl to you? Hahahhaha!

Anonymous said...

Now, only if I had some Winter Kimchie to go with this:)

daphne said...

ahhaha, i think my hubby wouldnt like this one as he dislikes kimchi with a passion! but I love the look of that with the dumplings.

I bet we will vote for u on the indomie goreng though. We got through uni on boxes and boxes of that!

btw- presto pasta round up is done!

EatTravelEat said...

At first I kind of thought the dumplings were part of the noodles mix due to their red shine but of course they could not be! Don't think this is available in the US :(.

saltvinegar said...

Mmmm yummy not sure if they have this in Malaysia though.. am so getting this id i see it.