Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Naughty Food Diary

I've never really been a diary writer.
When I was young(er), my sis read my freakin' diary, and from that moment on, I stopped writing. Damn, it was embarrassing.

I realized that my blogs are somehow my public diaries...sometimes I write embarrassing stuff about myself, but surely, I've got secrets. Plenty of them.

Let's take food, for example.
I post memorable things that I ate or cooked, even if they sucked. Reading a few posts, you may have some ideas about what kind of food I like to eat, what kind of food I manage to cook/bake.

Some people may think I eat healthy, while others know exactly how unhealthy my diet is....but I've got food secrets, for sure.

So, I've decided to bare it all, tried documenting what I ate the whole day, yesterday.
Every single bite, no cheating, no eating less than normal, no censoring, no omitting. Except maybe a couple glasses of plain water.

Frankly, the result scared me a little.

The first picture was my breakfast, one cup of capuccino from office's coffee machine with 1 cube of sugar, and a couple of coffee buns from Yamazaki bakery. I like dipping my bun into my coffee, while reading the headlines of my free morning paper in the office before work. This breakfast will fill me up until about 11 am when I felt hungry.

Since I didn't cook the day before, I didn't bring a lunch box to work. None of us wanted to go out in these rainy, hot summer days, so we ordered lunch from a Vietnamese food eatery. I had Grilled Chicken Fillet with Tomato Rice plus Fried Egg and washed the meal down with a cup of hot jasmine tea.
The single slice of cucumber and tomato were the only vegetable/fruit I had so far.

I tried my best not to finish the delicious tomato rice, ate about half of the rice and finished everything else in the box. After this big lunch, I had to struggle to stay awake at work without another cup of coffee.
How many times did I hit "backspace" to correct typos? Uncountable!

I normally started to feel hungry around 5 pm. I didn't keep any food at work on purpose, preventing me from snacking. I didn't cook yesterday...due to...(thinking hard to find excuses)...well, just didn't feel like it. My dinner was from Maxim's fast food, it's a kiddie meal I always love. Spaghetti Bolognaise with fried chicken drumstick, fried cheese potatoes and jelly cubes, with low sugar iced green tea.
It's a kiddie meal, but it doesn't mean that it's small. The portion was rather big, and I ate almost everything, except a couple cubes of jelly. Again, all meat, lack of fruits or vegetables. I felt guilty.

So, I went to the supermarket and grabbed a bunch of grapes to eat while surfing the net, updating my facebook and tracking the course of typhoon Goni.

Stopping there would've been bad enough for me....but I went on my eating rampage.

Sous chef asked if we should have some ice cream while watching my current favorite TV show, my guilty pleasure...

...who could say no to that?
I couldn't. I had half a bowl of this fruit sherbet.
Very summery, super refreshing.
I was too happy to feel guilty.

Sous chef didn't stop there. He poured a glass of red wine, which was supposedly healthy. BUT, opened a bag of cuttlefish corn snack, which is pretty much the epitome of unhealthiness, and we proceeded to pop these crunchy balls while watching TV (very dangerous, please don't try this at home). Didn't finish the whole bag, but the damage was done.

Loads of bad food, barely moved my ass.

I should never question why I weigh this much. The reasons were all clearly written here. Hehehe


Indonesia-Eats said...

Ritonggg edan koweeee
wis wissss

KennyT said...

Wahahahahahaha. Rita, I love your blog!!!

I also have a guilty pleasure snack list and 2 out of 10 have already been blogged.... But now I'm feeling scared to write on coz I dun wanna freak people out.

Rita, you don't need to feel bad, I believe if you eat happily, then the food you ate would be healthy for you.

Besides, you look skinny, so don't worry. Bon appetit!

Ravenous Couple said...

You're writing never fails to bring a smile or laugh out loud moment..thanks for the brutal honesty..although we don't think you have anything to worry about regarding your figure.. :)

EatTravelEat said...

You are not the only one! It happens to me sometimes too. I like to eat bread buns from bakeries for breakfast too. It is my daily routine along with a cup of milk.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@pepong, piye gak lemu yo?

@Kenny, I look deceptively skinny in photographs...I blame it on the camera and the'll be unpleasantly suprised when you see me in person T_T

@RC...the camera made me look skinnier. hmm... i should post my fat pics including my height vs weight.

@eattraveleat this doesn't happen to me happens to me daily T_T

YaYa said...

So funny Rita! I'd be too embarassed to confess what I eat during a typical day, too many carbs and not enough fruit and veg and probably too much caffeine, thanks for you honesty!


Beautiful post!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Got to admit, it's hard to eat healthy all the times.

pigpigscorner said...

I feel hungry at 11 and 5 too!! and I love snacking after dinner =P eating is the best isn't it.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Hi.. I am new to your blog but after I found it, I took about 3 days to read through your blog.. Really like it :D

I would love to give you a "kreative blogger award" for you, please check at

I will come here often..hehe

noobcook said...

wahahahah, your post always crack me up :D What a fun idea!

It sounds a bit like my meal day too. I can identify with you. The food you eat throughout the day is delicious, so you have done yourself justice, haa!

And at least you wash down one of your meals with jasmine tea and not coke :D

Anonymous said...

Hee hee that's not bad at all :P If I had a diary I think it would shock people hahaha

but interesting concept maybe I can steal hee hee :P?

Sarah said...

You're my new hero! Great to know I'm not the only chinese girl who misses out on the 5 veg every day ^^

Your writing is so much fun to read, and the pics look beautiful. I hope you keep it up!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Sarah, I am glad I am not the only one too! ^_^ T_T

michelle said...

I was thinking of posting a food tracker on my blog...but you beat me to it!! hahaha I'm glad you are so honest...I don't think I've had ANY fruit/veggies today at all!! always enjoy reading your posts =)

Lidia Sianturi said...

hahahaha...kejujuran itu pahit yo Rit? itu jg tipikal makananku sehari2 loh...kurang sayur, kurang buah..kurang ngombe sisan...