Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ho Ho Congee & Noodle - Do You Fake It? - DoF Cheats

Are you a dedicated food paparazzi?
Do you always carry your giant DSLR around when dining out?

I must confess that I am not. The DSLR is too lazy to lug around to work along with my 1000001 items stuffed into my purse every day. I don't welcome the additional kilo of luggage.

Plus, I don't always document my meals, unless there's something special, i.e:
- It is not what I've been eating the same damn shit over and over for one month straight
- The meal is especially yummy
- The meal sucked big time, it is worth mentioning
- I haven't blogged about the said yummility/disastrous meal

However, I always carry my humble little point and shoot (Canon IXUS 870IS), just in case I desperately needed to document something. It works mighty fine. Most importantly, it has a magical slimming effect when I take pictures of my daily outfit (yes, I am that narcissistic!).

But taking photographs of food? Well, although it's nice...but it's not amazing.

Here comes another dirty little secret...

I like faking it.

Faking waa...t?
Oh, relax, sous chef.
I like faking the blurry effect of what we can get with DSLR camera to create Depth of Field, using an easy photoshop trick.

Please bear in mind that I am by no means a photoshop expert, nor an expert in photography....just sharin', okie? ^_*

1. Open the file in Photoshop (I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3)

2. Sharpen it.
If it looks too sharp/too harsh/too oily/too shiny, simply undo it.

3. Select blur tool

4. Select brush size, mode (normal/lighten/darken) and strength (100%)

5....and blur the heck outta that background.

Blur the parts which aren't supposed to be the star (focus) of the photograph.
There are other ways to blur it even more, but since I am to lazy to select parts, I chose this method.
Shaking my mouse vigorously to get a more blurry effect is (hopefully) a good exercise for my wrist.
Hehe *idiotic giggle*

6. Save the edited photograph

...and that's it!

Of course, you can pair this dummy trick with other photoshop magic tricks such as adjusting the lighting, colors, removing my eyebags or even adding Rob Pattinson as my dinner date ...we'll get into some of that next time, okie?

Now the food...what did I do to increase my dress size that night?

Jar Jeong Hor Fun (Spicy Meat Sauce on Rice Noodles)

This dish is normally served with egg noodles, but I love rice noodles. The sauce is a little on the sweet side, not exactly my favorite jar jeong noodle, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with a dash of soy sauce.

Beef Cake Steamed Rice with Egg

Imagine what you can do with that bowl of raw egg...(go all the way, this is not a PG-13 blog hehe)

Pour it over the beef rice...

Mix it nice...

Pour soy sauce on top...again, the soy sauce served with this rice is a little too sweet. Needed to add a regular soy sauce.

Ah! I remembered to save an original copy (the "before" version) of the above edited photo.

A bit dark and gloomy, don't you think? You can still see sous chef's striped shirt pretty clearly here.

Fragrant and springy beef cake...with satiny smooth, creamy egg...and a dash of soy....

I was kinda jealous of sous chef's order.

Now, don't we always want a combination of textures?

We need something crunchy!
These deep fried wontons with a mayo dip were just what we needed.

...and of course I had to fool myself that I eat somehow healthily, by ordering a side of veggie.

The water spinach with preserved beancurd sauce was again...a little too sweet.
Anyway, all in all, it was a good dinner. I'd go back for the beef cake steamed rice and fried wontons for sure.

One good thing about eating in a mall is....I could buy a dress one size bigger right after dinner.

Ho Ho Congee & Noodle
Metroplaza, Kwai Fong (Kwai Fong MTR Station Exit E), 3rd floor
Tel: 2487 7668


Anonymous said...

HAHAH :P nice nice! BUt you should get a dslr! It is so much fun ^^!

and ommg raw egg with beef mmmmm haven't had that in the longest time!! I wannttt!
Oh and the raw egg can be used in t a P... hmm better not say eh :P

daphne said...

oo.. the raw egg in beef looks amazing- never try it before but I bet it is tasty with the sauce too.

KennyT said...

OMIGOD, I don't have a DSLR, but I want one.... Pls teach me how to use PhotoShop lah, I want beautiful photos!!! I'll buy you dinner in return, haha.

Little Corner of Mine said...

The food look good but why everything seem to be on the sweet side? I don't dare to eat raw egg, perhaps it's the U.S thing. In U.S, people are advice not to consume raw egg.

EatTravelEat said...

Hahaha...I try to do that too with all the blurring and sharpening but with so many photos I don't do them for all the photos.

Plus I only have my point and shoot and this is a way to make those photos look better.

Fitri said...

yeaaaah.. I love your clothes's picture ^_^ anyway, that makes me wonder, how come with all the food you ate, you still skinny bitch qiiqiiq...

Mochachocolata Rita said...

FFichiban, i do have a dslr, but too lazy to carry it around every day hehehe...ohhh please continue what you said about raw egg...hehehe

daph, some steamed rice/claypot rice here use sliced beef instead of beef cake, with raw eggs = super delicious! la...please buy canon so we can exchange lens hehehe...
no problems with teaching you photoshop, although, learning from me, i guarantee that you'll be totally misled and messed up hahaha

locm, oh...even in mousse? we're afraid too...but sometimes can't help it...hehe

ETE yes, it is rather time consuming when there are too many pictures...but i think it's worth the while hehe

fitriiii i just look thinner in pictures (i dont know why...the real person is extra large)

Indonesia-Eats said...

I love using Adobe Lightroom, too bad in this laptop I don't have it. Taken the picture use RAW file not Jpeg

pigpigscorner said...

The noodles and rice look amazing! Same here, I usually only bring my little camera out, dslr for special meals =)

Sachi's Kitchen said...

I love your "fake it" tips. I've just gotten into photography, so this is perfect! :)